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The artist who cre­ated Custer’s Last Fight — Charles M. Rus­sell — was no fan of the fron­tier army. Mon­tana’s cel­e­brated cow­boy artist mourned the pass­ing of the Old West. He looked back nos­tal­gi­cally to the time of the open range, be­fore fences tamed cat­tle coun­try. Dur­ing the sum­mer of 1888, he lived in Al­berta, near camps of Black­foot, Blood, and Pie­gan, and grew to ad­mire their way of life. Be­cause Rus­sell iden­ti­fied with the losses of the Plains In­dige­nous peo­ple, his ren­der­ing of the fa­mous battle puts the vic­to­ri­ous war­riors in the fore­ground. The cav­alry sol­diers ap­pear only as dis­tant shad­ows.

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