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There’s the con­cept of block pe­ri­odiza­tion, or what I pre­fer to call front-load­ing pe­ri­odiza­tion. Most of us get into a de­fault pat­tern of do­ing the same work­outs week af­ter week. For ex­am­ple, sprints on Tues­day, hills on Wed­nes­day and club rides on the week­ends. When most of us pe­ri­odize our train­ing, we might do one more sprint in­ter­val or one more hill ef­fort, but the over­all pat­tern re­mains sim­i­lar. Yes, this pat­tern will pro­vide train­ing stim­u­lus and im­proved fit­ness, but it may not be the most ef­fi­cient. Rather, block­ing, or front-load­ing, tar­gets one type of ef­fort (for ex­am­ple, 5–8 minute Vo2­max-type ef­forts) ex­clu­sively for a pe­riod. You re­cover, and then move on to an­other type of ef­fort. This sys­tem max­i­mizes the stim­u­lus rather than di­lut­ing your train­ing through mul­ti­ple types of ef­forts. Front­load­ing is a re­fine­ment where, rather than evenly spac­ing out eight hard work­outs across four weeks (that is, two per week), you over­load the body by front-load­ing the first week with many ef­forts (pos­si­bly five in the first week). You then fo­cus the next three weeks on re­cov­ery, with one ad­di­tional hard ef­fort per week. You do the same to­tal work, but the spac­ing is dif­fer­ent. Stud­ies have shown that the fit­ness and per­for­mance gains are much higher this way. Rstephen” che­ungs

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