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go hard and go easy. This might sound a lit­tle ab­surd, but many peo­ple are in­clined to jump on their bikes and chug it out in Zone 3/tempo/triath­lete pace. There is a time and place for all train­ing zones. Tempo can feel like you’re do­ing great things, like sub­tly beat­ing up on your train­ing part­ners. But if you want to go fast in a race, you need to visit higher power zones through­out the year. Work­ing with a coach will al­low your train­ing reg­i­men to have the harder blocks with harder and faster work­outs as well as the re­cov­ery blocks to rest and pre­pare you to be able to ac­com­plish the harder train­ing. If you’re hit­ting the load ap­pro­pri­ately, it’s ac­tu­ally dur­ing the rest pe­ri­ods stronger(. jenny trewf that you get

train­ing should in­clude both stress along with ap­pro­pri­ate re­cov­ery. We never have a prob­lem with the stress part, but it takes a huge amount of dis­ci­pline and faith in the process to take it easy and re­cover prop­erly to max­iCstephen che­ungn mize fit­ness gains.

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