Age­less Strength

writ­ten by Jeff Horowitz pub­lished by Velo­press

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While Age­lessstrength is a book of ex­er­cises aimed at peo­ple older than 40 who want to keep fit, there’s a lot here for cy­clists of all ages and lev­els. Take bone den­sity, for ex­am­ple. Cy­cling is great as a low-im­pact sport, but it doesn’t do much to im­prove your bone den­sity. In fact, you might be mak­ing bird bones. For your over­all health and fit­ness, which you need if you want to keep cy­cling, you must add strength train­ing into your plans. Age­lesss trength has a sec­tion of ex­er­cises clas­si­fied as “strength,” which in­cludes sim­ple push-ups, mon­key squats and stand­ing shoul­der presses. All of those ex­er­cises will help your gen­eral fit­ness. The book also in­cludes ex­er­cises la­belled “bal­ance” and “func­tional.” Au­thor Jeff Horowitz points to the 2.8 mil­lion older U.S. cit­i­zens who get emer­gency care each year be­cause of falls to high­light the im­por­tance of main­tain­ing mus­cles for bal­ance. The func­tional ex­er­cises will keep you fit for ev­ery­day life so you’re ready to shovel snow, pick up a heavy suit­case or lift up your grow­ing kid. You, fit cy­clist, might scoff at the need to do such ex­er­cises. Af­ter all, you ride your bike and are very healthy. Right? Well, yes. But, if you’re not care­ful, you’ll just be a strong pair of legs with no core strength. Then, when it’s time to shovel snow or hoist up your kid, you’ll hurt your­self. You should do ex­er­cises from this book, such as moun­tain climbers, wind­shield wipers and a vari­a­tion of the dead­lift. You’ll be able to keep cy­cling and do so much more.

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