Mod­ern con­crete planters

Canadian Gardening Annual 2016 - - Excerpt -


Re­pair con­crete Wheel­bar­row or large bucket Col­lec­tion of plas­tic con­tain­ers in var­i­ous shapes and sizes Veg­etable oil Foam brush ¾" PVC pipe Hand­saw Trowel Con­crete dye


1. PRE­PARE THE CON­CRETE in a wheel­bar­row or large bucket by fol­low­ing the man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions. 2. SE­LECT PLAS­TIC CON­TAIN­ERS in dif­fer­ent shapes to cre­ate the planters. You’ll need at least two con­tain­ers per planter: one for the outer form and one for the in­ner form. 3. OIL THE FORMS well with the foam brush. Be sure to oil the in­side and out­side of any forms you in­tend to use. 4. TO USE TH­ESE PLANTERS OUT­DOORS, drainage holes are needed. Cut the PVC pipe us­ing the hand­saw to a length that will cre­ate a hole from the in­ner con­tainer to the outer one. Use the trowel to add a layer of con­crete to the outer form and press the PVC pipe in. The pipe will stay in the planter when it’s com­pleted, but if there is any con­crete plug­ging up the hole, use a screw driver to pop it out. 5. TO ADD LAY­ERS OF COLOUR to the project, mix con­crete with dye in sep­a­rate con­tain­ers and layer coloured con­crete be­tween lay­ers of nat­u­ral con­crete. To re­move air bub­bles and level the con­crete, tap the con­tainer rather than spread the con­crete to avoid the colours blend­ing to­gether. 6. COVER THE PROJECT in a plas­tic drop cloth and leave it to dry undis­turbed for 24 hours. When the con­crete is dry, re­move the forms and cure ac­cord­ing to the in­struc­tions on the con­crete pack­ag­ing.

You would never guess that the mod­ern shapes that make th­ese up­scale planters come from yo­gurt tubs, cups and

other plas­tic con­tain­ers. The best plants for con­crete

are drought-tol­er­ant suc­cu­lents and plants that like soil with a higher ph.

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step 4

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