8 Dry ar­eas un­der eaves/prob­lem­atic foun­da­tion plant­ings

Canadian Gardening Annual 2016 - - How-to -

Be­cause the ground around house foun­da­tions un­der the eaves is nec­es­sar­ily dry, it in­vites cats to use it as a litter box. Putting down a band of river rock will dis­cour­age both cats and weeds and look good to boot. Re­sist the urge to put so-called foun­da­tion plant­ings too close to the house – not only will they im­pede home main­te­nance and paint­ing but they’ll also suf­fer from be­ing dry in sum­mer and over­loaded with snow and ice fall­ing off the roof in win­ter. For best ef­fect, re­move any ratty over­grown plants and in­stall a mix of slow-grow­ing shrubs and ever­greens and keep them tidily pruned and mulched.

Tip: If snow is an is­sue, pick plants that can with­stand snow load, or can be cut right back for win­ter.

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