10hellish HELLSTRIPS

Canadian Gardening Annual 2016 - - How-to -

to get more plant­ing space and/or im­prove curb ap­peal, gar­den­ers may turn ea­ger eyes to the strips of ground be­tween the side­walk and the street, of­ten called hellstrips for their dev­il­ish grow­ing con­di­tions. be­fore you start, check with your mu­nic­i­pal­ity for any reg­u­la­tions as this land is theirs, not yours. if you get the go-ahead, im­prove the soil, but keep the level slightly be­low the paving to pre­vent wa­ter run-off. be aware of any un­der­ground util­i­ties be­fore dig­ging too deeply. choose really tough, drought-tol­er­ant, low-main­te­nance plants that won’t grow too high or wide to block ei­ther sight­lines or the side­walk.

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