mem­ber of the Crow clan, Tahltan Na­tion, Bri­tish Columbia, 63

Canadian Geographic - - THE SURVIVORS CIRCLE -

I I WAS TAKEN from my fam­ily when I was 10 years old, in the fall. Au­tumn is al­ways dif­fi­cult for me, when all the leaves start to change. It’s this heartache. The worst thing is to be taken from your fam­ily. I thought I had done some­thing wrong. My brother [Harry Brown] and I were sent to sep­a­rate schools. I was sent to White­horse, al­most 500 kilo­me­tres away from our home in Lower Post, B.C. He was sent to Chooutla School in Car­cross, Yukon. I get to school and I look around for him and he’s not there. He was two years older. We were very, very close. We’d never been apart. Peo­ple thought we were twins we were so much alike. He ran away three times to try to find me. But he didn’t know where he was go­ing. He never re­cov­ered. He froze to death when he was 33. I say ev­ery time I tell the story that this is the last time, and then some­body else comes up and I say, “Maybe it will help some­one else and maybe it will help me to get some of it out.” I want the world to be dif­fer­ent for my chil­dren and grand­chil­dren, and I want to make it a bet­ter place for every­one else who has suf­fered. It was geno­cide. We were not meant to sur­vive all of this. I went on to univer­sity. It was a pure mir­a­cle that I did any­thing with my life.

The worst thing is to be taken from your fam­ily. I thought I had done some­thing wrong.

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