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The clas­sic: too much too soon, which is very com­mon in new run­ners but also in a greedy vet­eran. Most of us have been guilty of this at some point. The 10 per cent rule: do not in­crease weekly mileage (or a long run for that mat­ter) by more then 10 per cent per week. And when you have done too much too soon you’re go­ing to need to rest.

Rest is key but it can be ac­tive rest (cross train with pool run­ning or spin­ning). The idea is to off­load the legs. Af­ter tak­ing a few days of rest it is im­por­tant to ease back into run­ning. Don’t be afraid of rest. You don’t lose your fit­ness by tak­ing a few days off, I prom­ise. Graded run­ning (run­ning in­ter­spersed with walk­ing) has been known to work well for shin splints. But along with rest, you want to solve the un­der­ly­ing is­sues as to not have it re­cur in the fu­ture.

In ad­di­tion to what is listed above here are some self-care ex­er­cises: • Lacrosse ball rolling your calves and shins • Be sure to keep the calves loose with stretch­ing as well

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