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here is noth­ing quite like the in­door track. For many run­ners, it’s some­thing you’ve maybe never con­sid­ered be­fore, writ­ing it off as a space re­served for elite speed­sters. For oth­ers, the tight cor­ners, dry air and unique smell will never be erased from mem­ory. The re­al­ity for many Cana­di­ans, given our win­ters, is that in­door track work­outs are a good op­tion to get in the qual­ity in­ter­vals when the weather is ter­ri­ble out.

Be­fore we dive into one of my favourite in­door track work­outs let me re­mind you that it’s im­por­tant to warm up prop­erly be­fore th­ese work­outs. The tight turns and high speeds can be tough on the body. I rec­om­mend try­ing to get out­side for an easy warm-up jog, if weather per­mits. That way you’re likely to get in a good 10–20-minute warm-up jog. Whereas when you’re in the con­fines of the in­door fa­cil­ity you’re more likely to cut that warm up short. Also make sure you in­cor­po­rate some dy­namic warm up drills and strides prior to launch­ing into the in­ter­vals.

TThis will be hard work, but it and other in­door track work­outs can also be fun. When you’re work­ing out on the in­door track there is bound to be lots of peo­ple cir­cling the track at dif­fer­ent speeds. Take the time to start a lit­tle ban­ter with some of your work­out mates. And don’t look at the chaos as an an­noy­ance, in­stead take it as an op­por­tu­nity to prac­tice some race tac­tics. Know­ing when and how to pass peo­ple, or how to stay calm when be­ing passed by oth­ers is some­thing we don’t of­ten prac­tice. In­door work­outs in the dead of win­ter are also a great time to break a rac­ing sin­glet and a pair of split shorts out of your closet. Take ad­van­tage of the warmer temps, don’t be­grudge them. Dy­lan Wykes is one of Canada’s best dis­tance run­ners. He founded Mile2­Marathon, a coach­ing pro­gram for ath­letes of all abil­i­ties. Visit mile2 mar at hon. com.

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