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on sleep

“When I was work­ing full-time, sleep was some­thing that was ne­glected. I made a New Year’s res­o­lu­tion this year to get to bed be­fore midnight ev­ery night, be­cause sleep is so es­sen­tial to re­cov­ery. With my weight-loss clients (I’m a regis­tered di­eti­cian), I talk about the role that sleep can play in ap­petite con­trol, too. When you’re sleep­de­prived, you’re more likely to con­sume ex­tra calo­ries.”

on nutri­tion

“Dur­ing marathon train­ing, we’re push­ing our bod­ies to the red line, so it’s re­ally im­por­tant to re­plen­ish. Ever since I found that I was ane­mic while I was in school, I’ve taken an iron sup­ple­ment ev­ery day. I take vi­ta­min D most of the year (I back off a bit in the sum­mer) and I take fish oil reg­u­larly if I’m not eat­ing a lot of oily fish. I take a pro­bi­otic for im­mune sys­tem health and to aid in di­ges­tion. Rather than a mul­tivi­ta­min, I would rec­om­mend eat­ing lots of colour­ful fruits and veg­gies to get those nu­tri­ents.”

on hy­dra­tion

“The day be­fore a marathon, I make sure that I’m drink­ing elec­trolytes, usu­ally eLoad or Nuun. It sounds kind of funny, but drink­ing is ac­tu­ally some­thing I prac­tise be­cause I found it tough at first to drink and run at the same time, and re­hears­ing helps me avoid GI is­sues on race day. I don’t know if I’m just un­co­or­di­nated too, but I strug­gled at first with ac­tu­ally pick­ing up my bot­tles while run­ning at race pace (my first marathon I was drop­ping them and knock­ing them all over the place), so now my coach and I even re­hearse that, he sets up a ta­ble and I’ll run by and prac­tise pick­ing up my drinks.”

on com­mu­nity

“The marathon truly is a com­mu­nity event and it’s amaz­ing to run with so many other peo­ple. I think in ev­ery marathon, there’s go­ing to be pe­ri­ods of time when you ques­tion why you’re do­ing this, but that chal­lenge is like life it­self – there are things that you have to over­come and you can be re­ally proud when you push through. I think the marathon gives you con­fi­dence to tackle other things in life.

“Even though Hous­ton was my best time, I think the Pan Am Games was the most mem­o­rable race for me. Get­ting to run in my home­town was special and I re­ally felt like I was draw­ing strength from the sup­port of the crowd. So even though the con­di­tions were bru­tally hot and com­peti­tors were drop­ping and my coach was de­bat­ing if I should keep go­ing be­cause I was look­ing a lit­tle rough, the thing I re­mem­ber the most was the peo­ple cheer­ing me on.”

AGE 30 (31 IN OC­TO­BER) HOME­TOWN GUELPH/ TORONTO MARATHONS 5 PB 2:32: 09 Rachel Han­nah win­ning the Cana­dian Half Marathon Cham­pi­onships/Cal­gary Half Marathon

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