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so, what’s the story?

I started the Ed­mon­ton Marathon in 2015 and…I ended up un­con­scious at 39k and woke up in the Univer­sity of Al­berta Hos­pi­tal emer­gency room. I’d torn some car­ti­lage in my hip and had passed out be­cause of the pain. While I was there, the doc­tor asked me if I’d been run­ning slower than I’d been ex­pect­ing and I replied, ‘Yeah, a bit.’ It turned out that he was ask­ing be­cause I was su­per ane­mic – my he­mo­glo­bin and iron were both ex­tremely low. So, ap­par­ently that’s the rea­son that I looked, as a friend de­scribed it, ‘Like death at 7k.’ Now, I’m care­ful with mon­i­tor­ing my iron. I guess most peo­ple re­al­ize that some­thing is go­ing on with their bod­ies, but I just thought that was what marathon train­ing was sup­posed to feel like.

why the marathon?

I like the build-up for it. It’s kind of strange, but I like putting all my eggs in one bas­ket – with the marathon dis­tance you can’t race ev­ery week­end, but likely only twice a year. The prepa­ra­tion for it is slow and me­thod­i­cal; you set a goal and work to­wards it, all the while try­ing to con­trol the fac­tors that you can to help you achieve it.

best story?

I had a 30k marathon pace sim­u­la­tion run to do this re­cent train­ing cy­cle. There’s a park in Ed­mon­ton called Hawre­lak Park and it has a fairly f lat ring road around it that’s 2.3k in dis­tance. So along with a few of some other peo­ple in my train­ing group, we had a water sta­tion and gels set up to get close to a race sim­u­la­tion. What was funny though, was that the Nike Break­ing2 project was go­ing to be done on a 2.3k For­mula One track, so we started jok­ing that they’d got­ten the idea from us. The last 8k of that work­out was pretty painful, but the rest of the group that wasn’t in marathon train­ing had shown up to do mile re­peats by that time. I just have a re­ally strong mem­ory of how much it helped to have them there, shout­ing their en­cour­age­ment when things were get­ting hard.

Mike Trites at the Van­cou­ver Marathon AGE 26 HOME­TOWN ED­MON­TON (ORIG­I­NALLY BER­WICK, N.S.) MARATHONS 2 (AND A BIT; IT'S A STORY) PB 2:34

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