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HIIE Work­out 1

1. Warm up with a 5–10 minute jog. 2. Run 30 sec­onds at an 8/10 ef­fort level. 3. Run 60 sec­onds at a 2/10 ef­fort level. 4. Re­peats steps 2 and 3 eight times. 5. Cool down with a 5–10 minute jog.

HIIE Work­out 2

1. Warm up with a 5–10 minute jog. 2. Sprint 10 sec­onds at a 9/10 ef­fort level. 3. Walk for 20 sec­onds. 4. Re­peat steps 2 and 3 for ten min­utes. 5. Cool down with a 5–10 minute jog. Body­weight Train­ing Work­out 1. Per­form 60 sec­onds of body­weight squats a. Stand with your feet shoul­der width apart and hold your arms in the zom­bie po­si­tion. b. Squat down low while keep­ing your feet flat on the floor. c. Stand and squeeze your glute mus­cles. 2. Per­form 60 sec­onds of pushup plank shoul­der touches a. Go into the top of a pushup with your hands be­neath your shoul­ders and your feet placed wider than shoul­der width. b. Form a straight line from your heels to the top of your head. c. With­out mov­ing your body, touch your op­po­site shoul­der. Al­ter­nate sides. 3. Per­form 60 sec­onds of mock-jump rope hops a. Pre­tend you are skip­ping rope (or ac­tu­ally skip rope) and hop up and down on the balls of your feet. 4. Per­form 60 sec­onds of al­ter­nat­ing re­verse lunges a. Stand with your feet hip width apart. b. Take a large step back­ward and kneel down. c. Re­turn to the start­ing po­si­tion and switch legs. 5. Re­peat steps 1 through 4 for 8–12 min­utes

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