Side plank with row and march (fast)

Rec­om­mended: 3 sets of 6–10 per side

Canadian Running - - BODY WORK -

WHY IT’S DONE: This a fun, run-spe­cific twist on the side plank. It al­lows you to get the core, hip and shoul­der sta­bi­liz­ers in­volved. HOW IT’S DONE: In the side plank po­si­tion, bring the up­per leg up in to a march stance; as you bring it down, do a row with the top arm us­ing an elas­tic or ca­ble. Start slow to es­tab­lish co­or­di­na­tion, but once you have it, go fast. VARI­A­TION: If this is too ad­vanced, do a reg­u­lar side plank.

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