Coy­otes in action are killing ma­chines

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I do not un­der­stand where Ear­lene Busch is com­ing from when she says that grasshop­pers are more of a threat than the coy­ote (En­mity To­wards Coy­otes Hard to Un­der­stand, Let­ters, Jan. 27).

Coy­otes have pretty much put a stop to sheep farm­ing in Nova Sco­tia. They have al­most de­pleted our deer and small game here in Cape Bre­ton.

How can any­one call them beau­ti­ful an­i­mals? They are killing ma­chines!

I won­der if she would think they were so beau­ti­ful if she saw them in action. They will pull a deer’s heart out through its hind quar­ters while it is still alive – not a pretty sight!

More pets will die from coy­otes, more live­stock will die from coy­otes, more wildlife will die from coy­otes, but most im­por­tantly and un­for­tu­nately more peo­ple are go­ing to die from coy­otes.

The alarm bells are ring­ing. We had bet­ter start to lis­ten!

No one will ever con­vince me that the coy­ote is of any value to our so­ci­ety.

I for one will kill ev­ery coy­ote I can and hope that other hun­ters and trap­pers and other cit­i­zens with the means will do the same safely. Bert Camp­bell In­ver­ness

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