Daily com­mute to job site causes wor­ries at home

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I have of­ten talked about how sucky High­way 63 can be out here in Fort McMur­ray, mostly when you head south to Ed­mon­ton. But as I sit here tonight, I re­al­ize that I prob­a­bly don’t write about what is go­ing on north, to the plants like Syn­crude and Sun­cor be­cause I do not have to drive it ev­ery day.

The rea­son I am think­ing of it tonight, is that I had to try to keep sup­per warm for an hour, be­fore we re­al­ized that hubby would not be get­ting home any time soon. There was a very min­i­mal amount of snow­fall to­day, and I mean, there was hardly any­thing. Well, the ra­dio an­nounc­ers started the day by yelling on the ra­dio about all the snow that was fall­ing, and I was won­der­ing if we were looking out onto the same city. But then, I don’t think there are many an­nounc­ers here who are from the East Coast, so maybe they are not used to snow like we are — oh, and I hear that you guys are get­ting your fair share this week, es­pe­cially down Mar­ga­ree way.

So any­way, traf­fic got crazy early this morn­ing, and hubby has been say­ing it has been very con­gested a lot of the morn­ings lately. So to travel about 35 kilo­me­tres this morn­ing, it took him an hour and a half. There are two lanes head­ing north, and two head­ing south go­ing out the sites, but tonight there was an ac­ci­dent head­ing north, and then an­other out on a hill they call “Su­pertest” head­ing south.

Dur­ing the win­ter, I never re­lax in the morn­ing un­til hubby calls or texts to say that he made it there okay, and then at the end of the day it is the same for me un­til he walks in the door. The driv­ers just seem bad, and in a hurry, and there are so many big trucks on the same road.

Any­way, he has now been on the road for three and a half hours tonight, and he still is not home. It will be even worse for those who work at the sites fur­ther out who are stuck on the bus. I know last week the ex­act same thing hap­pened, and some peo­ple did not get home for five and six hours. I can’t imag­ine if the weather was bad, and thank good­ness it is not.

Many sug­ges­tions have been made about what to do to im­prove the road, and mostly It is sug­gested to add more lanes. But good luck get­ting the fund­ing in place for all that, and then ac­tu­ally get the work done! I won­der if we will ever see it while still we are still liv­ing here?

One last note, we are see­ing all kinds of new ar­rivals lately, from all over the Is­land; if you are head­ing out, add me to Face­book or drop me a line and I will try to keep every­one up­dated of up­com­ing en­ter­tain­ment. My list of places to stay (rooms to rent) is get­ting smaller, but I would still sug­gest lin­ing up a place to stay be­fore you land in town.

I hope all is well at home on the Is­land, have a won­der­ful week.

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