Two women seek an­swers af­ter pur­chas­ing wa­ter, candy


phone num­ber.”

She went back to the Syd­ney store, but was told they didn’t have a head of­fice num­ber to give her.

Paul de la Plante, spokesper­son for Dol­larama, said the com­pany was looking into the com­plaint.

“(Dol­larama) di­rect source a lot of their prod­ucts di­rect from the man­u­fac­turer. They would make ar­range­ments di­rectly with the man­u­fac­turer to have the Dol­larama la­bel put on.”

He said sup­pli­ers go through a rig­or­ous process to en­sure a high level of qual­ity.

“We are up­set to hear about this and will be do­ing ev­ery­thing we can for this woman.”

Mean­while Ro­d­ina Bond of North Syd­ney says she has been wait­ing since Au­gust to find out what was in the Nes­tle Pure Life wa­ter she bought.

Bond pur­chased a case of 24 bot­tles. She took a bot­tle from her re­frig­er­a­tor, opened it and took a big drink and says it tasted aw­ful.

“I felt squea­mish right away, then I threw it up. When you shake the bot­tle it goes all sudsy.”

She con­tacted the com­pany and gave them the bot­tle code.

“I felt maybe they could find out what was in the bot­tle and where it came from.”

Nes­tle sent a courier and Bond gave them a sam­ple of the wa­ter.

Af­ter wait­ing for weeks for a copy of the test­ing, Bond said she re­ceived in­for­ma­tion say­ing the pep­per­mint odour was not found in other bot­tles in the same lot.

“They are say­ing the odour was not in other bot­tles they checked in the lot. They are call­ing me a liar.”

The com­pany didn’t of­fer com­pen­sa­tion and she doesn’t want any­thing, she added.

John Challi­nor, di­rec­tor of cor­po­rate af­fairs for Nes­tle Wa­ters Canada in On­tario, said they checked the bot­tle lot in ques­tion but found noth­ing wrong.

“We have sen­si­tive tech­nol­ogy to odour and other things. If there was some­thing in the wa­ter it would have been de­tected.”

A pep­per­mint odour was de­tected in Bond’s sam­ple and the com­pany be­lieves it came from some­thing in her re­frig­er­a­tor.

Challi­nor said be­cause the plas­tic bot­tle is thin, in time flavours such as Pepto-Bis­mol or onions can pen­e­trate the packaging.

He said the odour would be in the plas­tic, not the wa­ter.

“If she pours it in a glass, the wa­ter would be fine.”

Last month the Cape Bre­ton Post pub­lished a story re­gard­ing the dis- cov­ery of a Cana­dian dime in Mixed Grain Ce­real man­u­fac­tured at a Nestlé Canada Inc. fac­tory in Ger­many. Com­pany of­fi­cials be­lieve safety mea­sures at the fac­tory would have pre­vented the dime from be­ing placed in the ce­real in Ger­many.

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