Pro­tec­tion agency failed ‘gen­tle gi­ant’

Cape Breton Post - - COMMENT - Jac­que­line Jar­dine Ge­orges River

I was never so sick­ened as I was on Feb. 5 when I saw the pic­ture of the dead dog on the front page. Imag­ine the suf­fer­ing the poor, help­less dog must have en­dured tied up on the moun­tain top with not a per­son around for miles – in the freez­ing tem­per­a­tures of win­ter with no es­cape from the cold but also in the mid­dle of sum­mer on the hottest days, not able to es­cape mosquitos and black flies.

This dog was chained to an old bus frame with a chain that an ele­phant could not es­cape. How do I know? I my­self have con­tacted the SPCA three times on this mat­ter only to be told that as long as the an­i­mal had food and wa­ter there was noth­ing the agency could or would do.

The only wa­ter I ever saw on that moun­tain (and I ex­plained this to the SPCA) was in a two-litre Pepsi bot­tle with a cover on it in back of the old dog house. I was not aware that a dog could open a pop bot­tle and poor it­self a drink. I’ve never seen the owner around the prop­erty.

I have had this dog around my chil­dren on sev­eral oc­ca­sions when we went to the moun­tain to feed and check on him. He was a well be­haved and loving an­i­mal, a gen­tle gi­ant.

The Sept. 5 ar­ti­cle, SPCA In­ves­ti­gat­ing af­ter Dead Dog Found Out­side, says the SPCA had con­tacted the owner in 2007 and the owner agreed to re­move the dog. It is ob­vi­ous that the SPCA was not do­ing its job be­cause the dog was still there in 2010 and com­plaints were still be­ing made. I highly doubt the SPCA was even in the area in De­cem­ber.

It is in my opin­ion that the SPCA is just as much to blame for this an­i­mal’s death as the heart­less, cow­ardly owner. I can only hope that the au­thor­i­ties will bring jus­tice to this poor an­i­mal who suf­fered more than we will ever know.

I give many thanks to Joe Bona for bring­ing much needed at­ten­tion to this. It raises the ques­tion: What is the pur­pose of the SPCA?

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