Let tax­pay­ers judge the claims

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What a proud time to be a Nova Sco­tian! Let’s for­get that the prov­ince has a $525 mil­lion deficit. You might think the av­er­age Nova Sco­tian would find that piece of in­for­ma­tion dif­fi­cult to ig­nore.

While most of us are try­ing to scrimp and save, some politi­cians think that we are rolling in dough. Maybe it is time to re­mind them that it is our hard-earned tax dol­lars they are spending on ques­tion­able frills.

On sec­ond thought, maybe we could take ad­van­tage of some of th­ese frills. If you are liv­ing near Yar­mouth MLA Richard Hurl­burt and your power goes out, just load up the fam­ily and knock on his door. His house is guar­an­teed to be toasty warm with his gen­er­a­tor.

Need a comfy spot to re­lax? Find John MacDonell’s of­fice and sink your weary bones into his hand-crafted fur­ni­ture. Be sure to use that fancy new printer to send greet­ings to your chil­dren out West.

If your drive­way is slip­pery, maybe Wayne Gaudet has some money to sand it. Oops, I for­got that most of us aren’t re­lated to the MLA so that makes us in­el­i­gi­ble.

For those who en­joy a good read, Howard Ep­stein has a great col­lec­tion of books on pol­i­tics. I won­der if there is a chap­ter on ethics that he could lend to his po­lit­i­cal friends.

Bill Dooks has a $6,234 web­site to keep in touch with his con- stituents. Maybe he and Michel Sam­son could Google the word “ fru­gal­ity,” whose mean­ing they seem to have for­got­ten.

With sum­mer just around the cor­ner, maybe Dave Wil­son will in­vite some of us to a bar­be­cue at his place so we can try out his new pa­tio fur­ni­ture. If Premier Dar­rell Dex­ter is in the area, we could ar­range for a photo-op with his gear. If only Judy Stretch was around she could pro­vide a nice cup of espresso.

Now some of them are go­ing to send the money back. Would this be an at­tempt to save their po­lit­i­cal skins?

All claims should be made pub­lic. We have a right to know how our tax dol­lars are spent. Let the tax­pay­ers de­cide if claims are just. Yvonne Kennedy Homeville

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