There are ways to keep your sweet­heart sweet

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Have you even no­ticed that it’s eas­ier to find a sweet­heart than to keep a sweet­heart sweet? When it comes to find­ing a part­ner it seems that it’s eas­ier to ob­tain a per­son to walk with you than it is to main­tain a re­la­tion­ship long term.

The prob­lem for most cou­ples is they lack the will­ing­ness to put forth the ef­fort that it takes to keep the sweet in their sweet­heart.

I have dis­cov­ered that it’s pos­si­ble to be say­ing the right thing but act­ing the wrong way. When your words are spo­ken with anger, loud­ness, and meant to be cut­ting, it doesn’t mat­ter how right you are, you are de­stroy­ing the one you have com­mit­ted to love and re­spect.

Eph­e­sians 5:33: “Nev­er­the­less let each one of you in par­tic­u­lar so love his own wife as him­self, and let the wife see that she re­spects her hus­band.”

Let me say it this way, woman love to be loved and men love be­ing re­spected. When you act unlov­ing to your wife it hurts her deeply and when you dis­re­spect your hus­band he feels crushed.

For men, re­spect is a big deal and for women be­ing loved is a ma­jor deal. Women think in terms that ev­ery­thing is con­nected to ev­ery­thing else where men think in boxes. For a man the stuff in one box has noth­ing to do with the stuff in the other boxes. Men have a noth­ing box where they can be think­ing about noth­ing. A woman can ask a man what he’s think­ing about and he can say noth­ing. She can’t un­der­stand this be­cause she does not own, nor does she want to buy a noth­ing box.

Joyce My­ers said that women live in the land of “Hint” but men sel­dom go there. If a cou­ple is out for a drive and the woman says, ‘It’s a hot, sunny day and a good day for an ice cream.’ The man says, ‘Do you want me to stop the car and get you an ice cream?’ She says, ‘Oh no, that’s al­right you don’t have to stop if you don’t want to.’ If the man is not smart enough to have caught the hint and passes a store that sells ice cream, there is go­ing to be ma­jor trou­ble over a mi­nor prob­lem.

A woman can feel that if her man loves her then he will be will­ing to lis­ten to her prob­lems. A man feels if a woman is say­ing that there’s a prob­lem then he wants to gain her re­spect by fix­ing the prob­lem. She is not want­ing some­one to fix things but only to lis­ten and show you care.

This idea of lis­ten­ing without fix­ing can make a man frus­trated. There are lots of re­la­tion­ship truths in the Bi­ble but many peo­ple spend all their time fight­ing with each other rather than learn­ing how God can give them a beau­ti­ful life to­gether. It’s like they walked down the aisle on their wed­ding day and left their minds at the al­tar. Why don’t you come back to church and find out how to do what you agreed to do when you said I do.

Je­sus paid a great price to pur­chase you and to of­fer you a life worth liv­ing. If you can learn how to love and re­spect each other the way Je­sus teaches us to do, then di­vorce lawyers would be out of work.

I pray for all the sweet­hearts to­day to have the power of His pres­ence to di­rect your life and de­stroy your prob­lems.

God bless you all.

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