Be­liev­ing in God gives you the wis­dom to live life well

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Asuc­cess­ful life is the re­sult of a per­son who has been able to main­tain a healthy re­la­tion­ship with God, one­self, and other peo­ple. When we fail oth­ers, we usu­ally dis­cover that we our­selves have in­ward fail­ures to deal with and if we go deeper we find we have a failed re­la­tion­ship with God.

Proverbs 9:10: “ The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wis­dom, and the knowl­edge of the Holy One is un­der­stand­ing.”

If you have no un­der­stand­ing that we have been cre­ated by the liv­ing God then you’ll have a shal­low un­der­stand­ing about your­self and an empty un­der­stand­ing of oth­ers. If you be­lieve there is no God then you must put your­self in first place and oth­ers a dis­tant sec­ond.

When peo­ple stop be­liev­ing in God they fail to have the wis­dom that’s needed to do life well. They can try in their own un­der­stand­ing to step for­ward but they stum­ble and fall and without the knowl­edge of God to help them, they will sink deeper and deeper into the cy­cle of abuse and end up in the land of de­spair.

Je­sus said to His own dis­ci­ples in Mark 8:18: “Hav­ing eyes, do you not see? And hav­ing ears, do you not hear? And do you not re­mem­ber?”

Je­sus is say­ing there are peo­ple who have ears, eyes, and a mem­ory but they keep mak­ing the same mis­takes. They dab­ble in sin, say­ing that this time they won’t go too deep, they won’t stay too long, and they won’t spend more than they can af­ford. Yet sin al­ways takes them far­ther than they wanted to go, keeps them there longer than they wanted to stay, and cost them more than they were will­ing to pay.

Some­where in life our only true free­dom is to make a choice and once we make that choice the har­vest of our choice is upon us. Gala­tians 6:7: “Do not be de­ceived, God is not mocked; for what­ever a man sows, that he will also reap.” When it comes to hav­ing faith in God, no de­ci­sion is a de­ci­sion. The ques­tion is asked, ‘ Why did the chicken cross the road?’ Wasn’t it to show the squir­rel how to do it?

Have you ever watched a squir­rel who was try­ing to cross the road? He runs within inches of cross­ing safely and then some­how feels he can’t make it and runs back. In­de­ci­sion has made many a squir­rel into a pan­cake.

I ask peo­ple if they be­lieve in Je­sus and they are un­de­cided. I know that some church leaders have failed us but you shouldn’t al­low their fail­ures to be your down­fall.

Make a wise choice to­day and re­turn to church. It’s a place where liv­ing peo­ple who are just like you bring their liv­ing faith to a liv­ing Holy Spirit and He helps them live a bet­ter life. I be­lieve that we have all failed but there is still within us a great value and every­one de­serves a chance to try again.

God will bless you all.

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