First-hand view of dead dog left con­vinc­ing im­pres­sion

Cape Breton Post - - COMMENT - Jim Bona Bar­ra­chois

I have been read­ing with in­ter­est and sad­ness the let­ters about the dead dog found frozen to the ground on Bar­ra­chois Moun­tain. I was with my brother when we dis­cov­ered the poor an­i­mal.

We went there be­cause it had snowed three days ear­lier and we had seen no sign of any­one hav­ing gone to feed or wa­ter or take care of the dog.

When we found the an­i­mal I just hap­pened to have my cam­era and I took pho­tos, which I still have.

The dog was chained and tan­gled in a small fir tree out­side his house (if you would like to call it a house); he had two bowls, empty of food or wa­ter but filled with snow.

In­side his dog house there was at least an inch and a half of pure ice on the floor. The dog had what ap­peared to me to be two large frost­bite sores, one on each hip.

In the time it took us to no­tify the Cape Bre­ton Post, about an hour, some­one ap­par­ently alerted the owner be­cause some­one ar­rived, un­chained the dog, emp­tied the snow from his dishes, and threw a hand­ful of food into the dog house.

The rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the SPCA ar­rived, did not even know where the dog was and started to ar­gue that it was not the same dog that had been in­ves­ti­gated ear­lier.

He com­mented that the dog didn’t look to be in too bad a shape, to which my brother re­marked that, yes, the dog looked great dead and frozen to the ground.

Whether the SPCA had been there pre­vi­ously as it said is for the law to de­ter­mine.

I just hope this an­i­mal did not die in vain and that the owner is never al­lowed to own an an­i­mal again.

Global TV was on hand and taped the con­ver­sa­tion be­tween my brother and the SPCA; the SPCA’s story has changed each time it’s been told.

Who did the necropsy? Was it some­one who does a lot of busi­ness for the SPCA, or some­one in­de­pen­dent? Who alerted the owner to get there and clean up the site be­fore the Post got there?

That poor dog was tied in the for­est for two years with lit­tle or no in­ter­ac­tion, less than ad­e­quate liv­ing con­di­tions, and only enough food to barely keep him alive.

I have seen this with my own eyes.

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