Breck Eis­ner’s re­make of Romero’s


Mid­dle Amer­i­can folks do meet again, those pitch­forks they’re car­ry­ing won’t be in­tended for bales of hay.

Romero sand­wiched his 1973 Cra­zies in be­tween his more cel­e­brated zom­bie movies, Night of the Liv­ing Dead and Dawn of the Dead.

While The Cra­zies isn’t a zom­bie movie per se, it de­rives much of its hor­ror from the same fear — the en­emy lurks both within and without. There’s a very real chance you might turn into a mon­ster.

Eis­ner’s re­make main­tains the dy­namic of that un­ease, while Scott Kosar and Ray Wright’s screen­play gives the au­di­ence a root­ing in­ter- est by whit­tling down the po­lit­i­cal sub­text and mak­ing the movie more of a sur­vival story.

It helps, too, that Eis­ner’s bud­get prob­a­bly ex­ceeds that of all of Romero’s movies com­bined. Eis­ner puts the money to good use, de­liv­er­ing a beau­ti­fully shot film that con­tains equal mea­sures of style and gore.

We first sense some­thing might not be right in Og­den Marsh when Rory (Mike Hick­man) wan­ders into the mid­dle of the high school base­ball field dur­ing a game. He’s car­ry­ing a shot­gun and wear­ing a far­away look in his eyes. The town sher­iff (Ti­mothy Olyphant)

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