The big shake

Earth­quake rum­bles Nova Sco­tia com­mu­ni­ties on Canada Day

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Canada Day got a lit­tle shaky in south­west­ern Nova Sco­tia this year af­ter a small earth­quake oc­curred off of Digby.

Ac­cord­ing to Nat­u­ral Re­sources Canada, there was a mag­ni­tude 3.6 quake off of Digby Neck at 3:32 p.m. on Wed­nes­day.

The earth­quake was felt through­out south­west Nova Sco­tia, in­clud­ing in the Yar­mouth area.

In the Yar­mouth Vanguard news­pa­per build­ing in down­town Yar­mouth, for in­stance, there was a loud rum­bling sound that went on for sev­eral sec­onds. It was ac­com­pa­nied by what felt like vi­bra­tions at the same time. The rum­bling got in­creas­ingly louder un­til what felt like a loud im­pact. At that in­stant the build­ing shook and, it al­most felt, it moved.

Al­li­son Bent, a seis­mol­o­gist with Earth­quake Canada/Nat­u­ral Re­sources Canada said this is the typ­i­cal type of de­scrip­tion for an earth­quake this size.

“Peo­ple will of­ten say it sounded like a heavy truck or a train im­pacted some­thing, or some­thing hit the build­ing. That’s sounds about right for some­thing that size,” she said.

Bent said the epi­cen­tre was 60 kilo­me­tres, south­west of Digby, which would just put it slightly off shore.

“It’s big enough that it would be felt not at re­ally large dis­tances, but prob­a­bly over a bit of an area, not just one lo­ca­tion, but there shouldn’t have been any dam­age or any­thing like that.”

While there may not have been much dam­age, peo­ple im­me­di­ately felt it and won­dered what it was they had just ex­pe­ri­enced. Im­me­di­ately peo­ple started com­ment­ing on so­cial media, ask­ing if the area had just ex­pe­ri­enced an earth­quake.

It might seem like a rare ques­tion, ex­cept that a mag­ni­tude 2.9 earth­quake was felt around Digby on June 20. That one hap­pened around 38 kilo­me­tres south­east of Digby at 11:40 a.m. It hit a re­mote sec­tion of Ke­jimku­jik Na­tional Park. Most peo­ple weren’t even aware it had hap­pened.

That wasn’t the case with the July 1 quake, how­ever.

On the Vanguard’s Face­book page peo­ple de­scribed what it felt and sounded like. Many peo­ple thought, at first, that it was thun­der. Then they weren’t quite sure.

“The items started to rat­tle and vi­brate…then a high pitch vi­bra- tion I could hear. It was weird. Was not a rum­ble of thun­der, as the dog never barks at thun­der. But her ears went up high and she barked,” said Sharon Fitzger­ald-Doucette de­scrib­ing things in Arcadia, just out­side of the town of Yar­mouth.

In Yar­mouth County peo­ple re­ported ex­pe­ri­enc­ing some­thing in nu­mer­ous com­mu­ni­ties, in­clud­ing Day­ton, Port Mail­tand, South Ohio, Sluice Point, Wedge- port, Kempt, Abrams River, Rockville, Sand­ford and on and on came the re­ports.

In the Clare area, peo­ple in places like Meteghan, Doucetteville, St. Alphonse and Saint Joseph peo­ple re­ported that their houses shook.

“We felt it here in Wey­mouth area too, shook the house, dogs went crazy, bark­ing.” Said Claudette Wright on the Vanguard’s Face­book page.


A mag­ni­tude 3.6 earth­quake off of Digby neck on Wed­nes­day shook up Yar­mouth and Digby res­i­dents.

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