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South won the diamond con­tin­u­a­tion in hand and played off the king and ace of hearts as West showed out, NS +450. The auc­tion ground to a halt af­ter two cue bids since South could not con­sider a fur­ther ad­vance with­out a diamond con­trol. North feared that a diamond lead might de­feat the slam when East owned the ace. West had wisely cho­sen to start with the ace of di­a­monds since there was a fair chance that East would hold the king. Sup­pose that he be­gins with a the spade three. South could po­ten­tially con­tinue with the top clubs, dis­card­ing a diamond. A third club is ruffed but the ace and king of hearts re­veal a heart loser. A fourth club is trumped in the closed hand and fol­lowed by a spade ruff. A club win­ner is ruffed with the master trump as South di­vests him­self of the queen of di­a­monds. When a the re­main­ing top spade fells the jack, twelve tricks will be home. This line is dou­ble dummy, to be sure, be­cause West might hold a dou­ble­ton club and over­ruff the third one. It was quite pos­si­ble that hearts were break­ing 2-2 and this line would be an ab­ject fail­ure.

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