Wrong side of be­ing right

Some­times the best thing to say is noth­ing at all

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Have you ever been on the right side of wrong or the wrong side of right?

You started off on the right foot but ended up with your left foot stuck firmly in your mouth. You meant to say the right thing and it was a true state­ment but it was the wrong thing to say at the time.

Hav­ing di­vine wis­dom is the abil­ity to say the things you mean with­out say­ing mean things. You can say some­thing hurt­ful in one mo­ment and while you can get over it right away, the per­son that you said it to, your words could fol­low them for a life­time. Ten years later you have long since for­got­ten what you said but it’s still a cur­rent event to the one you said it to.

There is no eraser for spo­ken words so it’s wiser be­fore you say some­thing to not say some­thing, than it is to fix the some­thing that you said. I have heard that lit­tle voice on the in­side whis­per, ‘say noth­ing and you’ll win.’ The trou­ble was I didn’t want to just win the ver­bal bat­tle but I wanted to get even. The taste of re­venge is sweet for the mo­ment but it can cre­ate a bit­ter­ness that will cause you years of re­gret.

The Bi­ble is clear that we all have prob­lems with what we say. James 3:8 “But no man can tame the tongue. It is an un­ruly evil, full of deadly poi­son.” Verse 10 “Out of the same mouth pro­ceeds bless­ings and curs­ing. My brethren, these things ought not to be so.”

Peo­ple that re­ally want to serve the Lord need to ask the Lord for help when talk­ing to other peo­ple. Psalm 141:3 “Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; Keep watch over the door of my lips.”

I have never had to apol­o­gize to any­one for things I did not say. I might have thought of some things that weren’t very nice but the Holy Guard told me to be quiet and I was smart enough to lis­ten.

I have asked peo­ple, ‘ what did you win by prov­ing to ev­ery­one that you were right?’ You were loud, mean, cut­ting, and oh yes, you were right. Have you lost the war in declar­ing that you won a bat­tle? Is the real trea­sure now lost and buried in the dirt you throw to win some per­sonal vic­tory?

I know peo­ple who ar­gued over pen­nies and then di­vorced, hav­ing to split tens of thou­sands of dol­lars. If only they could have served the Lord with their words for it was their words that ended up de­stroy­ing their house.

Je­sus told us to build our house upon the rock and not upon the sand. A rock is fixed and it will be stand on in the sun­shine and in the storm. Sand on the other hand is great in the sun­shine but is a poor friend to de­pend on in a storm. It blows around and stings your face and ends up leav­ing you for other places. A rock was there be­fore the storm started and will still be there long af­ter the storm is past.

Don’t end up on the wrong side of be­ing right by say­ing and do­ing things that will cause you to get even. Start right, stay right, and you’ll end right with the Lord bless­ing the fruit of your lips. You shall be blessed go­ing in and com­ing out and all that you put your hand to do shall pros­per.

Find a good church to at­tend, God bless you all.

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