First World prob­lems, peo­ple. First World prob­lems.’

Com­ments on the phone book, a plane crash, re­tire­ment and a clas­sic car, po­lice cars and more

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Here’s a sam­pling of reader feed­back this week at cape­bre­ton­

Re: Cape Bre­ton se­niors call new phone book into ques­tion — July 22

Not just se­niors have trou­ble with the size of the print. If the com­pany wanted to save money by do­ing this they should have at least in­cluded a mag­ni­fy­ing glass with each and ev­ery book.

. . . . . . — Mr. Samp­son

Funny thing is most younger peo­ple don’t even use the book. They use the In­ter­net. So they slapped their tar­get de­mo­graphic in the face.

. . . . . . . . . . . — Evan M.

First World prob­lems, peo­ple. First World prob­lems.

— Bill

I do not like this new phone book. I am only in my 30s and find it hard to read.

— Ann

Re: Man re­tires af­ter 40 years on job — July 18

A real gen­tle­man. He will be missed and one of many very good peo­ple in our health sys­tem. Thank you!

— Skep­ti­cal

On your job you were kind, con­sid­er­ate, punc­tual and car­ing of the peo­ple you served and that is what counts. Best wishes to you and your wife on a well earned re­tire­ment.

— Sheila B.

Al­ways pleas­ant. We could all learn from this guy. Happy re­tire­ment.

— Mau­reen

I al­ways felt at ease when I’d see him at the helm. Many happy years ahead, sir.

— Louis

Re: Poker com­mu­nity re­mem­bers Mid­dle River man killed in plane crash — July 21 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sad. — Dorothy B.

Re: CBRM, Mi’kmaq reach agree­ment on ter­mi­nal de­vel­op­ment — July 22

It’s about time that the com­mu­nity started pro­mot­ing tourism and cruise ships and for­get about that ship­ping ter­mi­nal pipe dream.

— Skep­ti­cal 101

While I am all for en­hanced tourism we can­not live off of that alone. We don’t get ships in the win­ter and peo­ple vis­it­ing the is­land slows to a crawl. We need some­thing for the win­ter months too and by ex­pand­ing the har­bour we might just get that in other ways.

— N. W. Guy

Re: Should vot­ing age be low­ered – again? — July 22

If kids as young as 16 can vote, then they should lower the young of­fender sta­tus to the same age.

— Well only if

I’m all for ‘con­tribut­ing’ cit­i­zens be­ing al­lowed to vote. But if that’s your ar­gu­ment, Mr. Guy, why would you al­low ‘non-con­tribut­ing’ cit­i­zens (re­gard­less of age) the same right to shape gov­ern­ment poli­cies which don’t af­fect them?

— J. Man

Re: Cape Bre­ton Re­gional Po­lice chief de­fends is­su­ing ve­hi­cles to 13 man­agers — July 24

If they go to work or are called out for overtime, drive their own car to work and pick one up from the pool.

— Farmer

Happy not to be a prop­erty tax payer in this fi­asco. I still feel the RCMP would have been a bet­ter deal fi­nan­cially.

— Mary

This is so un­ac­cept­able in so many ways.

— Blair

If the union spent their time work­ing with their own peo­ple rather than stir­ring up a mess with staff and man­age­ment, the whole or­ga­ni­za­tion would run bet­ter.

— MacNeil

Call and/or email your coun­cil­lors peo­ple and let them know how you feel about this.

— John M.

Re: Syd­ney Mines man will bring his 1949 Hud­son Busi­ness­man’s Coupe to car show — July 21

I have one thing to say to this man. WOW.

— Ed S.

Re: Louis­bourg Seafoods owner as happy as a clam — July 21

It’s time we showed the rest of Canada and the world that the East Coast is com­ing back and maybe it’s time some of our young men and women should, too.

— Nathan M.

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