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Cape Breton Post - - EDITORIAL -

Your car or truck ash­tray is full so what do you do? Empty it in the park­ing lot? The mer­chants don’t mind do they?

So your dog had a nice walk and left his call­ing card on the side­walk. Did you clean it up? Don’t be silly. How­ever, some­one may step in it or even fall down. That is not your con­cern is it?

My apolo­gies to the pet own­ers who do clean up af­ter their pets. How many pet own­ers let their pets roam to leave their call­ing cards on the neigh­bours lawn?

Be sure to check traf­fic be­fore you step in the cross­walk as some driv­ers can’t see the white lines. Po­lice gave one driver a ticket as he failed to stop when I was in the mid­dle of a cross­walk.

Now we’ll skip to the gro­cery store for a minute. I paid $8 for two water­mel­ons but when I went back another time the wa­ter­melon was $8.99 so I left it there. That was too large of a price hike. With the high cost of fruits and veg­eta­bles I can’t see how a fam­ily of five could fol­low Canada’s health rules on eat­ing.

If you re­quire a cream to con­trol the itch­ing of pso­ri­a­sis you may pur­chase it at one drug­store for $3.19 while another drug­store charges $4.69. And don’t for­get the tax.

A frank talk about hear­ing. If you need a hear­ing aid be pre­pared to pay from $1,100 to $1,700 for just one. You may be able to ob­tain some as­sis­tance for this item. En­quire about it be­fore you buy a hear­ing aid.

I see there is an ef­fort put for­ward to clean up the lit­ter sit­u­a­tion. How­ever, we need the co-op­er­a­tion of some cit­i­zens who find it hard to put their empty cig­a­rette pack­ages, chip bags, pop cans, drink­ing cups and other items in the trash and not just drop them any­where.

Ef­forts to keep the town clean are ham­pered by al­low­ing public smok­ing. It would be a step in the right di­rec­tion if public smok­ing was banned or smok­ers were only al­lowed to smoke in des­ig­nated ar­eas. I vote for the first op­tion as smok­ers tend to drop their butts on the side­walk or stick them in the soil sur­round­ing the trees that line the street.

If some cit­i­zens would trim back their rose bushes you would not have to step on the side­walk to avoid be­ing slapped in the face.

One more item: skate­boards, roller blades and bi­cy­cles should not be al­lowed on the side­walks in town as some­one could be in­jured. There is a place for that ac­tiv­ity. Well, maybe not for bikes.

I would like to pose a ques­tion to par­ents in gen­eral. Are you aware that some of your chil­dren are out ask­ing for money? I don’t give them any, but I would sure like to know what they would do with it if they got the money. Some adults are do­ing the same thing and I don’t give them any ei­ther.

I ad­dress my con­ver­sa­tion to Cape Bre­ton Re­gional Mu­nic­i­pal­ity. Would it be able to put a de­cent walk­way on Dinn Av­enue? There is plenty of work to be done to re­store pride and re­spect in our town.

Rose La­souski Glace Bay

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