Read­ers say ‘no’ to toll

Cape Bre­ton­ers not in favour of toll high­way


The vot­ing ma­jor­ity is not will­ing to pay a toll on Cape Breton high­ways, ac­cord­ing to the lat­est Cape Breton Post sur­vey.

We asked read­ers if they would pay a toll af­ter the provin­cial gov­ern­ment re­cently an­nounced a toll op­tion would speed up high­way im­prove­ments across the prov­ince, in­clud­ing on Cape Breton Is­land.

Those who took the poll had the op­tion of se­lect­ing the fol­low­ing four op­tions: yes, no, de­pends on how much, and de­pends on the con­di­tion of the high­way.

There was also the op­tion to of­fer your own an­swer.

Af­ter 329 votes were cast, more than 52 per cent of vot­ers se­lected ‘no,’ in­di­cat­ing they do not want to pay a toll.

Some 24 per cent in­di­cated they would pay a toll, while al­most 16 per cent chose the ‘de­pends on how much’ cat­e­gory.

Just 3.65 per cent se­lected ‘de­pends on the con­di­tion of the high­way.’

Thir­teen read­ers chose to give their own an­swer to this ques­tion.

Tolls are a pro­foundly wrong move, wrote one voter, and $22 from Syd­ney to St. Peter’s is way too much, an­other said.

“If that’s what it takes to twin,” was an­other re­sponse, in­di­cat­ing that voter was in favour of the toll.

Sev­eral vot­ers com­mented that peo­ple of Nova Sco­tia al­ready pay too many taxes.

There were mixed re­ac­tions in the com­ments sec­tion of the sur­vey.

“The prob­lem with tolls is once they are in place, they will rise and rise and rise,” wrote one voter.

“Look at the English­town ferry ser­vice, as well as other sim­i­lar ser­vices.”

An­other com­ment noted that the toll is the only way to bet­ter roads.

“Tolls take back the roads,” wrote Lawrence Walker.

The sur­vey pro­duced a lit­tle more than 95 per cent of its re­ac­tion from Cana­dian vot­ers, sec­onded by about three per cent from the United States.

One per­son cast their bal­lot from a Hong Kong ad­dress, while five did not in­di­cate their coun­try of ori­gin.

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