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The de­fense swiftly cashed three heart tricks but South could claim the bal­ance, N-S +630. De­clarer would romp home with thir­teen tricks when West be­gins with a club or twelve if he selects a spade or a di­a­mond.

The auc­tion dis­closed that North was 5-5 in the ma­jors and South was re­luc­tant to ad­vance be­yond 3NT on this ap­par­ent mis­fit. North was con­tent to play in the nine-trick game since it was clear that part­ner did not own three-card sup­port for ei­ther ma­jor. He could have bid out his pat­tern by con­tin­u­ing with four di­a­monds but de­clined this ac­tion be­cause he owned but 12 HCP. In this sce­nario, South would launch into Black­wood to ask for con­trols and set­tle into six di­a­monds when the re­ply re­veals two con­trols with­out the di­a­mond queen. A di­a­mond slam is icy be­cause trump di­vide 3-2 and the op­po­nents can cash but one heart trick. West may be­gin with a trump but South would play off the queen and ace, un­block the queen-jack of spades and lead a di­a­mond to the king ex­tract­ing the last trump. He would score five di­a­monds, five spades and the top clubs to earn the slam bonus.

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