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East put up the ace to re­turn the eight-spot for the ten and jack. West elected to switch to a heart as part­ner won the ace and ex­ited with the ten for dummy's jack. An ad­vance of the queen of spades was suc­cess­ful as West contributed the ten. De­clarer drew trump with another fi­nesse and dis­posed of a di­a­mond from hand on the fourth heart to emerge with an over­trick, N-S +170. The partscore would have suf­fered de­feat if West had pro­duced the king of spades since he would have de­liv­ered the heart ruff. Ad­mit­tedly, this was un­likely since West had shown up with king-jack of clubs and East had opened the bid­ding. The ma­jor suit game was es­sen­tially de­pen­dent upon avoid­ing the loss of a trump trick. Spades di­vided 3-1 but the sin­gle­ton ten in West guar­an­teed ten tricks.

North's ar­ti­fi­cial jump to three di­a­monds was a Ber­gen raise promis­ing a four-card limit raise of spades. Since South owned a balanced 11 HCP, he signed off at three spades which could po­ten­tially have been a notch too high on another lay­out. Ber­gen Raises are a use­ful tool to have avail­able and should be em­ployed whether part­ner has opened in a ma­jor or over­called, as long the re­sponse is a jump.

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