South ducked the queen of di­a­monds but pitched a club from dummy on the di­a­mond con­tin­u­a­tion. The queen of spades was passed to the king pos­ing a prob­lem for East. What should he re­turn? He was re­luc­tant to play a club and ex­ited with a heart. South un­blocked the sec­ond heart and rode the nine of spades to the jack. East switched to the nine of clubs as part­ner won the jack and knocked out the last di­a­mond stop­per. De­clarer cashed out to fin­ish down one, N-S -50. South could get home on this lay­out by play­ing the queen of clubs at trick three. If West wins this ad­vance, he has lost the en­try to cash the di­a­monds. If he al­lows part­ner to win the king, East can­not re­turn a di­a­mond and de­clarer will earn the game bonus. South was con­fronted with a prob­lem when West's three­level pre-empt was passed to him. A take­out dou­ble with only two hearts could not be a con­sid­er­a­tion. He, there­fore, re­lied upon part­ner to hold suf­fi­cient val­ues to make the nine-trick game a vi­able con­tract. North fur­nished 9 HCP but the fit was poor. Ex­change North's king of hearts for the king of clubs and 3NT will be a much im­proved con­tract.

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