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East rose with the ace when dummy fol­lowed with the deuce but switched to the club four. West scored the king to re­turn the club three as part­ner won the ace and de­liv­ered the club ruff. The game fin­ished down one, N-S -50.

A club shift rep­re­sented the only chance to set the con­tract. East led a low club hop­ing to find part­ner with a dou­ble­ton king and his wish was granted. South should have in­serted the jack of spades at trick one to cre­ate the im­pres­sion that West owned the queen. This play should not al­ter East's line of of thought. A spade re­turn is hope­less since de­clarer holds a a dou­ble­ton and the king of di­a­monds is on­side if South re­quires a fi­nesse for suc­cess. 3NT would be a haz­ardous con­tract when East be­gins with a spade, killing an en­try to dummy. North must bring home the heart suit with­out loss to earn the game bonus. If he plays hearts from the top, all will be well when the queen drops. If West shows out on the ace, North will be booked for a multi-trick set. North was not about to ad­vance to the nine-trick game since there was no guar­an­tee that part­ner would own the ace and queen of hearts.

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