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South dis­carded a di­a­mond from dummy and topped the king with the ace. De­clarer tested clubs by lead­ing the ten to the ace and then ad­vanced the deuce of hearts to­wards the closed hand. When East fol­lowed with the four, he put up the king and cashed out twelve tricks, N-S +690. North's cue­bid was a slam try but South was hav­ing none of it since he had over­bid by over­call­ing 2NT with only 14 HCP. He signed off at 3NT but North might have tried again by bid­ding a nat­u­ral four clubs. South would boost to the mi­nor suit game and North is li­able to bid six clubs, rea­son­ing that the mi­nor suit game would yield a poor match­point result. His luck would be in be­cause the ace of hearts is on­side. A di­a­mond slam de­clared by South is best. West will surely lead a spade and South will be able to dis­card a heart on the fifth club to bring home twelve tricks and the slam bonus.

West could be rel­a­tively cer­tain that N-S could make a slam but de­clined to raise the pre-empt. In fact, East can scram­ble only six tricks in spades and, per­haps, West was wise to re­main silent.

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