South drew trump with the king and ace of hearts, un­blocked the se­cond spade win­ner and led a di­a­mond for the king and ace. East re­turned a di­a­mond but South rose with the queen and ad­vanced the king of clubs for a ruff­ing fi­nesse. The ace was ruffed away as de­clarer re­turned to hand by trump­ing a spade. Dummy's re­main­ing di­a­mond was dis­carded on the queen of clubs re­sult­ing in twelve tricks, N-S +480. A di­a­mond would have been pitched from the ta­ble if West had de­clined to play the ace of clubs for an­other twelve tricks.

South's leap to three hearts dis­closed a max­i­mum with four hearts and North hap­pily moved on to the ma­jor suit game since there was a ten­card fit and he held a club void.

South elected to open 1NT de­spite hold­ing 18 HCP but, if he opens one club, North will be­come the de­clarer in a heart contract. Should South re­bid three or four hearts when part­ner re­sponds in the ma­jor? I think that three hearts is suf­fi­cient where part­ner will def­i­nitely ad­vance to game. Twelve tricks are a lock on this lay­out but it is rather doubt­ful than any pair would reach a small slam.

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