Cor­ti­sone is a mir­a­cle drug

Nap was needed af­ter chemo­ther­apy

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Hey there, it’s me, Kathy. How was your week?

Do you be­lieve this weather? I bet we have the same opin­ion here. This is enough snow. A joke is a joke but this is ridicu­lous.

I went to the hos­pi­tal to get my chemo and ev­ery­thing went well. The only thing is I’m so tired I didn’t get to sleep un­til af­ter 5 a.m. so that did me in for an­other day. I def­i­nitely needed a nap the next day.

I went last week and re­ceived a cor­ti­sone shot in my shoul­der. I was ter­ri­fied. I had heard so many scary sto­ries from peo­ple who have re­ceived them that it took all my nerve to go over to the hos­pi­tal.

The doc­tor put the nee­dle in from be­hind and the freez­ing was in the same nee­dle so the only part that hurt was the nee­dle go­ing in the skin.

I didn’t faint though! I didn’t even move a mus­cle. It didn’t hurt other than for the nee­dle go­ing into the skin.

My shoul­der never ached or had a pain af­ter­wards. It is like a mir­a­cle drug. This shoul­der hasn’t felt this good in years.

I’m go­ing to ask to get the other shoul­der done and my hips, knees, toes, back — too bad you can’t take it in liq­uid form. Then it would go in all the nicks and cran­nies. It re­ally wasn’t bad. I’m hop­ing they all go that well.

I went to the flea market this week. My truck started which was a big plus.

I want to talk a bit about lym­phedema.

Your lym­phatic sys­tem drains fluid and some waste from your tis­sues. It is a colour­less fluid called lymph and it passes through the lymph nodes, where the waste par­ti­cles are bro­ken down into smaller par­ti­cles.

The lymph fluid re­turns to the cir­cu­la­tion sys­tem just be­fore the blood en­ters the heart.

Lymph nodes are lo­cated through­out your body. If the path­ways are dam­aged fluid can build up caus­ing swelling called lym­phedema. When I had my breast re

moved they also re­moved five lymph nodes that were full of can­cer cells. Ev­ery­one has a dif­fer­ent amount of lymph nodes. I only had a few so they all had to be re­moved.

I make sure that I move my arm a lot in a day. You should avoid con­strict­ing your arm un­less you are fly­ing in a plane or are on very high car­ni­val rides. Then you should wear an arm sleeve so the pres­sure does not swell your arm. Also avoid wear­ing tight jewelry or cloth­ing. Try to wear a bra that fits well and with­out un­der wire is the best.

Never take your blood pres­sure on that arm. And if pos­si­ble try not to have in­jec­tions in that arm. Some of my medicine had to be given in that arm be­cause they could not find a vein to use in the other arm.

You should also avoid ex­treme weather tem­per­a­tures, cold or heat, and avoid hot tubs and saunas.

Try to stay at a healthy weight. If you are over­weight, you have a greater chance of get­ting lym­phedema.

Main­tain a healthy ac­tiv­ity level but start back at ex­er­cise slowly. Get­ting back to

ex­er­cise too soon can cause an in­crease in lymph pro­duc­tion and lead to in­flam­ma­tion in your joints and mus­cles. When the lymp nodes are

re­moved the doc­tor will give you an ex­er­cise sheet. Do the ex­er­cises they show you but don’t over do it.

I al­ways raise my arm over my head to help drain the lymph nodes in my arm.

It’s been 13 years now since my surgery and I have never had lym­phedema. If you do get lym­phedema, don’t panic. There are doc­tors just for this.

Doris Lane and Mary Dempsey are both cel­e­brat­ing birth­days this month. Hope you both had great cel­e­bra­tions. Weight wise; Oops, 145

pounds, not good.

Tip of the week: If you do not ex­er­cise, do not pick up a shovel Get some­one else to

do it for you or wait un­til the snow melts. That may take un­til June but at least you will be around to see it melt.

Dad and Janet have not been over in some time be­cause of the weather. I miss them not be­ing here.

Have a great week folks. And yes, ev­ery­one is get­ting static shocks from walk­ing on the car­pets or rugs in our slip­pers or sock feet. We all have our


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