April show­ers bring May pho­tos, says colum­nist Adam Gould.

Get­ting up close and per­sonal with favourite cam­eras

Cape Breton Post - - Cape Breton - Adam Gould Mem­berNews Adam Gould is a life­long com­mu­nity mem­ber, is very ne’lek, and known as the Kji Pa­parazzi. He is also the band’s com­mu­ni­ca­tions man­ager. Cur­rently, Adam is in the mar­ket for a new cam­era, and can be reached at adamegould@gmail.com.

When I was ac­tu­ally ap­proached to write a monthly col­umn in the for­mer Com­mu­nity Post, I was equipped with my first “real cam­era.” It was the Fuji FinePix HS20EXR.

It would be known sim­ply as Master Fuji.

I loved that cam­era and it was an early grad­u­a­tion and birth­day gift to my­self. It was June 2011 and Truro was my home­town. The fi­nal project of my Masters was sub­mit­ted, school was out, and I was soon-to-be 31 years young.

Master Fuji had caught my eye dur­ing a pre­vi­ous trip to the for­mer Carsand-Mosher, and I knew that it would be mine. Oh yes, it would be mine.

It boasted a 30x op­ti­cal zoom, 16 megapix­els (MP), and a funky EXR sen­sor, which sounded re­ally cool at the time (and still does). The price tag was a bit hefty, but I felt it was earned, and pho­tog­ra­phy was be­com­ing a hobby.

I took that cam­era ev­ery­where for the next three years; to work, lo­cal events, sports, con­certs, road trips, and on va­ca­tions. Master Fuji was there for my very first UFC event in Toronto, and my first WrestleMa­nia in New Or­leans. We be­came tag team part­ners over three-and-ahalf years. Fuji was a great cam­era to learn the ba­sics with, and to cre­ate your own style.

On Re­mem­brance Day 2014, Master Fuji’s light went dim – lit­er­ally and fig­u­ra­tively. The fi­nal flash was used dur­ing a ren­di­tion of Louis Arm­strong’s clas­sic, What a Won­der­ful World, per­formed then by Bernie Fran­cis and Gideon Lu­cas.

That day, Master Fuji re­tired, and is now ad­mired from a shelf at home.

Later that week, I pur­chased the Nikon CoolPix P600. Nico’s specs in­cluded a 60x zoom, 16.1 MP, and was WiFi-com­pat­i­ble, al­low­ing me to up­load pho­tos di­rectly to my smart phone (which does not have a name).

Nico was named af­ter Steven Se­gal’s character in Above the Law. Great movie!

It came with some ex­tra bells and whis­tles that took some get­ting used to. Cam­eras can be in­tim­i­dat­ing to new users, and I share with oth­ers what I was first taught: “Just play with it and have fun. It is the only way you are go­ing to learn.”

Over the two-and-a-half years with Nico, I was con­tin­u­ously learn­ing new things about it. Un­for­tu­nately, learn­ing and hav­ing fun came to an end re­cently.

Niko went miss­ing at the end of April and the trail is frozen.

Rather than grieve to you, Ni­taps, I pre­fer to share the ex­pe­ri­ences that Nico helped me to cap­ture.

While I do love that cam­era, and miss it greatly, I’m op­ti­mistic it will show up even­tu­ally, but the hobby and work must go on. In the next Mem­berNews is­sue, I hope to in­tro­duce you to the mem­o­ries of a new cam­era buddy.

For now, it’s Nico’s mo­ment. Like Master Fuji, it was joined at my hip and went al­most ev­ery­where with me. It was also with me for some firsts and sec­onds:

My first, but not last, ex­pe­ri­ence in Las Ve­gas for In­ter­na­tional Fight Week, meet­ing Ari­anny Ce­leste, and watch­ing Conor McGre­gor com­pete live;

my sec­ond WrestleMa­nia, in Dal­las, that holds the WWE at­ten­dance record of 101,763; and when the Mem­ber­tou Beef­cakes won sil­ver at the 2016 NSMSG.

The first per­sonal as­sign­ment was tak­ing pho­tos at my God­son Oliver’s sec­ond birth­day in Novem­ber 2014.

The pho­tos you see to­day are just some of my per­sonal favourites from my time shoot­ing with

the Nikon CoolPix P600 from Novem­ber 2014 to April 2017. To­day I am grate­ful for whomever in­vented ex­ter­nal hard drives.


Adam Gould took this photo with Nico at Mem­ber­tou’s an­nual Maw­iomi.

Nico was there when I met Tinker­bell. Re­ally.

Nico helped colum­nist Adam Gould to pho­to­graph this unique mo­ment on Re­mem­brance Day in 2016.

Happy birth­day, God­son Oliver! This photo was Nico’s first as­sign­ment.

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