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We dis­cuss vig­i­lante acts, health care woes and more

Cape Breton Post - - Editorial -

RANT: For vig­i­lante acts. To the per­son or per­sons re­spon­si­ble for firing a rock into a Syd­ney home re­cently as means to in­flict vig­i­lante or mob jus­tice, you got it all wrong! The move ap­peared to be against an in­di­vid­ual charged with sex of­fences but the home tar­geted was not where that in­di­vid­ual lived. The re­sults of such a cow­ardly dis­play are a hefty re­pair bill and a fam­ily left fright­ened for their safety in their own home. This is not how our democ­racy works. Criminal charges are for the courts to deal with, not in­di­vid­u­als bent on ex­act­ing their own brand of jus­tice. The po­lice are in­ves­ti­gat­ing and it is hoped those re­spon­si­ble are charged. Such ac­tions can­not be al­lowed to go un­pun­ished as it un­der­mines the safety of all in the com­mu­nity.

RANT: For the state of lo­cal health care. Plenty of pent-up frus­tra­tion is re­quired be­fore hun­dreds of peo­ple give up a week­end af­ter­noon in or­der to at­tend a protest rally. Last Sun­day at Me­mo­rial High in Syd­ney Mines was one of those times. The mes­sage from lo­cal doc­tors who spoke at the event was loud and clear – the med­i­cal sys­tem in Cape Bre­ton is bro­ken and the Nova Sco­tia Health Au­thor­ity needs to do more to fix the prob­lem. Much more. And since the pri­mary prob­lem seems to be a chronic short­age of doc­tors can some­one ex­plain to us once again why a plan can’t be put in place that al­lows for ad­di­tional stu­dents to be ad­mit­ted into Dal­housie Univer­sity’s med­i­cal school at gov­ern­ment ex­pense in re­turn for a con­tract to work in the prov­ince for a cer­tain num­ber of years af­ter grad­u­a­tion? It would be sim­i­lar to the deals made for those en­ter­ing med­i­cal school through the mil­i­tary. Surely, the price tag wouldn’t be any greater than the dol­lars used to try to en­tice doc­tors from other parts of Canada and be­yond to set­tle here. In this way the gov­ern­ment could guar­an­tee a con­stant flow of doc­tors into the sys­tem, wait times for surg­eries would be re­duced, emer­gency rooms would stay open more often and more Nova Sco­tians would have ac­cess to fam­ily doc­tors. Makes sense to us.

RANT: For un­sightly prop­er­ties. One has to feel bad for home­own­ers who are so fed up about the de­plorable state of a neigh­bour’s prop­erty they’ve spent up­wards of five years try­ing to get the Cape Bre­ton Re­gional Mu­nic­i­pal­ity to do some­thing about it. Such is the case over at the cor­ner of Ful­ton Av­enue and Mel­rose Drive in West­mount and mak­ing things even worse are the two dozen or more stray cats that have taken res­i­dence at the home that has area res­i­dents in an up­roar. Not the best neigh­bour­hood to have a bird feeder we’d haz­ard to say. Time, it would seem, for CBRM to crack down once and for all.

RAVE: For sunny weather. OK, we get it. There are only three sea­sons in Cape Bre­ton. Spring is re­ally an il­lu­sion on this Is­land, right? Ex­cept, it would seem, on week­ends such as this one when the out­doors can still be en­joyed be­fore the black fly in­va­sion be­gins. Let the rak­ing be­gin.

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