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The de­fense cashed four di­a­monds on which dummy parted with two hearts but de­clarer a club. West switched to a spade for the king as de­clarer ad­vanced and passed the nine of clubs to the queen. The con­tract drifted down one since East was en­ti­tled to the rounded suit aces, N-S -100. Dou­ble-dummy, de­clarer might have suc­ceeded in bring­ing home the con­tract by run­ning the ten of hearts through East and later guess­ing to play a club to the king.

East was in a dif­fi­cult spot when North re­sponded to the mi­nor suit open­ing. A 1NT over­call would con­ven­tion­ally have been Sand­wich for take­out, re­veal­ing 5-5 in the un­bid suits. A take­out dou­ble was a pos­si­bil­ity but his pat­tern was very un­ap­peal­ing for this ac­tion. He elected to go qui­etly be­cause part­ner could hold few val­ues. If he of­fered a take­out dou­ble, South's 1NT re­bid would sim­i­larly have ended the auc­tion. E-W own an eight card di­a­mond fit but the two-level would have been a notch too high. De­clarer should lose three spades, two hearts and a club to fin­ish one in the glue.

His si­lence on this deal at least earned his side a mod­est plus score.

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