Kid­neys, liver heal­ing

Treat­ment can be prob­lem­atic

Cape Breton Post - - Community Connections - Kathy Golemiec

Hey there, it’s me Kathy. So how was your week? Hope you found your um­brella and rain boots - I didn’t.

Well, it gives me a rea­son to wash my sneak­ers.

I went to see my on­col­o­gist (cancer doc­tor) this week and he had good news. My kid­neys and liver are a lot better. They are so good that I can get my bone filler IV medicine. That’s great news be­cause he had taken me off that al­most a year ago so it was long enough to let my kid­neys and liver heal.

When he did the tap­ping on my stom­ach, that’s when my trou­bles be­gan. He asked when was my last bowel move­ment and I hadn’t re­ally thought about it un­til then. I think it was two weeks ago. That’s why my stom­ach was so sore. They were all not happy about this.

So when I went home, I had to take Restoralax, then two pill lax­a­tives and when I went to bed I had to take two more pill lax­a­tive. I had to take two more when I got up in the morn­ing. And if I hadn’t gone by the time I went to the hospi­tal they would have to un­pack me.

I learned that when you’re on chemo, you can­not take an en­ema. So when they say un­pack they re­ally mean it. I asked how is that done? Well, the rub­ber glove goes on and in goes the hand up to the el­bow. I asked who does that? They said we do.

“Not to me you don’t,” I said. So that night I took all the stuff they told me as well as two cups of my senna leaf tea. When I got to the hospi­tal the next morn­ing they all asked if I went to the bath­room and they were pleased with the an­swer I gave. Well, so was I.

Mary was with me to see the cancer doc­tor and she asked him if he no­ticed any­thing dif­fer­ent about me to­day. He said no and Mary said her eyes went from blue to brown. They thought that was funny but I could hardly sit down. I’m glad to be al­most back to nor­mal. Ha.

It was so bad that Mary and I couldn’t even go around to the stores - I didn’t even get to look around Michael’s.

The next day I went for my chemo. The 21 days went so fast. In two weeks I am get­ting cor­ti­sone in my shoul­der and wrist. I just had to wait for the nurse to call with the date and time. Well when I got home to­day the mes­sage said you are get­ting your nee­dles on the 25th but be­fore you come and get this done the doc­tor wants you to … and at the mo­ment my hand went numb and I dropped the phone. When I picked it back up it said the mes­sage had been erased so now I have to call them to­mor­row be­cause I don’t have a clue what I have to do. Leave it to me to press the erase but­ton.

Dad and Janet were over this week­end. We had a good week­end to­gether but we were all lazy. We watched movies and they helped me with the flea mar­ket. Janet is start­ing to feel better. They are think­ing about go­ing to the dances again so that’s a good sign.

Weight-wise, I still didn’t get to 140 but I’m pretty close. I’m do­ing better with the wa­ter be­cause of the fla­vor­ing but not so good with the sugar. I’ll try harder.

I went to the teashop to­day and got a new fla­vor to try. It was tea made up mostly of dried fruits. It was red and it had a tart taste so next time I try it I will have to put honey in with it. The tea was called Bella Coola and it’s a caf­feine free tea. You can also make an iced tea out of it. The longer you steep it, the more in­tense the fla­vor. Give the choco­late mint tea a try some­time - you may like that.

I am ready to do talks again if any of you have clubs that you will want me to speak at just call 902-928-3514 or write to me at PO Box 159 New Glas­gow NS B2H 5E3.

I am go­ing to Truro this Satur­day. The family is meet­ing at Janet and dad’s place to have a sur­prise birth­day party for Dad. He will be 26 this year. He started his age over again af­ter he had open-heart surgery.

He was born with a hole in his heart and they didn’t find it un­til 26 years ago. I’m sure glad they found it and re­paired it. I’ll have my fa­ther for­ever. I love cake so there goes the diet. Happy birth­day dad. We all call him DA – it’s a Glace Bay thing.

Happy Moth­ers day to Janet. If my mother could have picked a mother to fill in for her, she would have picked Janet. When my mother was get­ting ready to go on her next ad­ven­ture, she told my fa­ther not to spend his years alone and that he still had a lot of love to of­fer some­one else. I love them both - they make a good cou­ple. My mother will al­ways have a piece of my heart.

Have a good week.

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