Elec­tion fo­cus needs to be on job cre­ation

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You would have to be liv­ing in a cave to not know that there is an up­com­ing elec­tion in Nova Sco­tia. We are be­ing bom­barded with mes­sages on TV, ra­dio, news­pa­pers and so­cial me­dia.

Yes, a lot of us are growl­ing about the state of our prov­ince and all the po­lit­i­cal par­ties are promis­ing “the sun, the moon and the stars” to get our vote.

The prob­lems are im­mense. Health care is in cri­sis on a daily ba­sis.

On Moth­ers Day, I spent al­most 10 hours at the Cape Bre­ton Re­gional Hospi­tal in Out­pa­tients be­cause all the other hospi­tals were closed due to a doc­tor short­age.

The staff at the Re­gional were ex­cel­lent. They were do­ing their job with great care and com­pas­sion but the sys­tem is bro­ken. In the olden days, I would pick up the phone and call ei­ther John Mal­colm or Diane Calvert-Simms to vent my frus­tra­tion. Now we have a Pro­vin­cial Health Au­thor­ity and peo­ple just don’t know where to go to get an­swers.

There is a short­age of nurs­ing home beds in the prov­ince. Peo­ple are liv­ing longer and re­quire more care in the lat­ter stages of life. Many older peo­ple have chil­dren liv­ing away who are un­able to care for their par­ents on a daily ba­sis. If you have chil­dren liv­ing in Cape Bre­ton, con­sider your­self lucky.

We hear com­plaints about cut­backs in ed­u­ca­tion. Ed­u­ca­tion is funded on stu­dent en­rol­ment and our num­bers are de­clin­ing each year. There­fore, the fund­ing is cut.

What it all boils down to is de­mo­graph­ics. Too many of our younger pop­u­la­tion have moved away for work so we are left with an older pop­u­la­tion with more needs for health ser­vices and nurs­ing home beds. Schools close be­cause of de­clin­ing en­rol­ment be­cause many of our young peo­ple are rais­ing their fam­i­lies else­where.

I wish I could look into a crys­tal ball to see a so­lu­tion to our eco­nomic woes.

Each po­lit­i­cal party is promis­ing a lot if they are elected but I just don’t know where the money will come from. The prov­ince is in se­ri­ous debt. We need jobs and lots of them. In my hum­ble opin­ion, job cre­ation should be the ma­jor pri­or­ity for Nova Sco­tia. Yvonne Kennedy Homeville

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