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De­clarer ruffed the di­a­mond con­tin­u­a­tion but could not avoid the loss of a heart and the con­tract was just home, NS +600.

North was sorely tempted to venture six clubs but feared that there would be two fast di­a­mond losers. He knew that the part­ner­ship held thir­teen clubs and, there­fore, it was un­likely that part­ner owned much more than three top clubs. His ma­jor suit win­ners guar­an­teed suc­cess in the mi­nor suit game. The op­po­nents might cash two di­a­monds but South would be able to win the bal­ance of the tricks.

Sup­pose that West dou­bles again and East elects to ad­vance to five di­a­monds. North's dou­ble would bring the auc­tion to a close. South would be­gin with a top club, a ruff and a dis­card! East pitches a spade from dummy, ruffs in hand and will be able to fin­ish down one, (-200). A spade lead would se­cure South a ruff but a re­sult of +500 would still be in­suf­fi­cient com­pen­sa­tion for the mi­nor suit game.

East could not con­sider any ac­tion over five clubs for fear that part­ner would as­sume that he held val­ues and po­ten­tially boost to a slam.

It is a rare day in­deed when a part­ner­ship owns all thir­teen trump. Au­thor: 'DYH :LOOLV YLVLW KLV ZHEVLWH DW­side­ 4XHVWLRQV RQ EULGJH FDQ EH VHQW ZLWK D VWDPSHG VHOI DGGUHVVHG HQYHORSH WR 7KH 1HZ &DQDGLDQ %ULGJH F R 7RUVWDU 6\QGLFDWLRQ 6HUYLFHV 2QH <RQJH 6W 7RURQWR 0 ( ( Copy­right 2017 Torstar Syn­di­ca­tion Ser­vices

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