Home surgery is not a good so­lu­tion for re­mov­ing skin tags

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DEAR DR. ROACH: What is the best way to elim­i­nate skin tags? Is there an over-the­counter item that will work ef­fec­tively? There are many prod­ucts that claim to re­move them, but most don’t. -- G.L.

AN­SWER: Skin tags (acro­chor­dons) are be­nign but un­sightly out­growths of nor­mal skin usu­ally found in places where the skin rubs against it­self, such as in the groin or ax­illa (un­der­arm).

They don’t need to be re­moved if they aren’t both­er­ing you. If you want to re­move them for cos­metic rea­sons, the best way to re­move them is to see your doc­tor or der­ma­tol­o­gist to get it done defini­tively. I usu­ally use a scalpel blade (I use anes­thetic), but they can be re­moved with liq­uid ni­tro­gen or with a sur­gi­cal elec­trodessi­ca­tor.

I’m not con­vinced that any of the over-the-counter creams or oils are very ef­fec­tive. I don’t rec­om­mend at­tempt­ing home surgery, be­cause skin tags can bleed and oc­ca­sion­ally need a stitch. Also, clean in­stru­ments and proper tech­nique are es­sen­tial for a good re­sult and to pre­vent in­fec­tion.

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