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Hey there, it’s me, Kathy. How was your long week­end? Mine was not too bad ei­ther. Re­mem­ber I was sup­posed to get my nee­dles in my shoul­der and wrist? You’re won­der­ing how it went – well, I was a week early. It’s to­mor­row that I have to get it done.

This week isn’t go­ing to be the great­est. I haven’t been feel­ing so good. My stom­ach and the pain from my hands and shoul­ders have me at a pain level of 8.5.

The only time I get re­lief is when I’m sleep­ing and then I feel mad at my­self for sleep­ing so much. These are the times when I re­ally can un­der­stand when peo­ple say they had enough of this, or I can’t take it any more, be­cause you just feel so help­less to the pain.

This is the time when you need to reach out and talk to some­one and tell them how you feel. Get them to go to your doc­tor with you. They will be able to hear what the doc­tor is telling you to do or get the doc­tor to write it down. Be­cause of the pain, you may not be hear­ing ev­ery­thing you are be­ing told to do to re­lieve it. I al­ways have some­one with me ever since I started this fight 14 years ago. It’s good to have some­one just even if they are there to be a shoul­der to lean on.

You can learn to med­i­tate. You can make your mind work for you, not against you. I send all my good cells out to fight off the bad cells. It’s like send­ing in the troops to blast out the pain. It is so hard to clear your mind com­pletely. You just start to think that you are tak­ing con­trol of your own mind when boom, in comes the thoughts. Bills need to be paid … where did I put my clean jeans … oh ya, I’m sup­pose to be try­ing to med­i­tate. It’s some­thing you have to learn.

It takes prac­tice. But you can do it.

Be care­ful not to en­cour­age the deer to come around your yard. The ticks are out and they will be fall­ing off the deer on the grass which will be so easy for them to get on the dogs, cats and chil­dren play­ing there. Check your an­i­mals also when they come in from be­ing out in the high grass.

Weight-wise, I’m at 141. Still not get­ting to the 140 but still try­ing. It’s hard to get me to give up on most things.

Tip of the week: It’s been a long win­ter so now that the weather is get­ting nicer. Don’t be too fast to let the lit­tle ones go out with­out a heavy sweater - this is the time al­ler­gies start as well as sum­mer colds.

If you want to start get­ting in shape for sum­mer, try to start walk­ing a lit­tle, any­thing just get up off the chair. I will give it a try this week.

I went in to the lit­tle tea shop on the cor­ner in town next to the Bar­gain Boss store and I got some York­shire Har­row­gate tea to try. It was re­ally good and worth giv­ing a try - very mild.

It’s hard to be­lieve it’s chemo week next week again al­ready. It seemed like I just went through it.

Janet and Dad are busy this week­end so they won’t be over. I miss them when they don’t come over in a cou­ple of weeks.

Keep your fin­gers crossed that the nee­dles don’t hurt too much to­mor­row. I’ll leave the makeup off in case I cry too much. I’m a wimp when it comes to nee­dles.

I’m not the only one in the fam­ily that faints be­cause of nee­dles. My brother Kevin passes out as fast as I do when he sees a nee­dle com­ing at him.

Take some time for your­self this week and do some­thing you like to do. Thank you for all the let­ters and gifts - they mean so much to me. Thank you for car­ing about me.

Well have a good week folks and yes, the June bugs are out so put your hood up if you’re walk­ing.

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