Wait­ing is the hard­est part

Cape Breton Post - - Obituaries/Advice/Games - Kevin Mat­tatal Fo­cus on Re­li­gion Kevin Mat­tatall is the pastor of the Cape Bre­ton Chris­tian Fel­low­ship Church. For com­ment or prayer email: pastor.kevin@ cbfel­low­ship.ca

As hu­man be­ings we were cre­ated by God with feel­ings and our feel­ings can rise and fall ac­cord­ing to the day we’re in.

Have you ever had one day where you were su­per happy and the next day su­per sad? Have you ever made a de­ci­sion based solely on how you were feel­ing at the time?

Peo­ple who are de­pressed and feel like end­ing it all, if they could only wait awhile, they would likely feel to­tally dif­fer­ent about things later on. I’ve said, ‘don’t make any very per­ma­nent de­ci­sion that are based on very tem­po­rary cir­cum­stances.’

I be­lieve that much of what we do that gets us into trou­ble hap­pens when we act or re­spond too quickly. Have you ever said some­thing in the heat of the mo­ment that would have come across a lot bet­ter when you cooled off? Have you ever said some­thing that you would have never said if you had only waited?

If I can get you to wait then maybe you would learn to wait in such a way that you would build your strength back up and make a much bet­ter de­ci­sion to­mor­row.

So it’s not just wait­ing for time to pass, for time it­self may not change any­thing, but for those that wait on God, they learn that He can change ev­ery­thing. They learn by talk­ing things over with the Lord that they no longer need to carry their prob­lems, heartaches, and sor­rows alone.

He’s with us and He strength­ens us as we walk through dif­fi­cult times. The Psalmist said that His rod and staff will com­fort us and the pur­pose of the rod and staff is to cor­rect and di­rect us. You may need to be cor­rected or you would like to bor­row His rod to cor­rect others but by wait­ing on the Lord you al­low Him to do all the lead­ing and cor­rect­ing.

If you are truly wait­ing on the Lord you won’t be speak­ing deadly poi­sonous words to those that you want re­venge on. You can’t be say­ing bit­ter sour words to others and be hop­ing that you are go­ing to ar­rive in a bet­ter sweeter place. Learn to speak about where your lov­ing God is lead­ing you rather than speak­ing about the trou­bles and sor­rows of where you’ve been.

If you re­ally have a hard time with say­ing the right thing then ask the Lord to help you. His Holy Spirit works both within us and around us to bring us into a new brighter free­dom and out from our old dark bondages. We all have made some mis­takes, we all have said some wrong things, and we all need His Di­vine help in or­der to move for­ward.

I in­vite peo­ple to church and I know that it can be hard for them if they haven’t been in church in a long time. Re­mem­ber that church is the place where peo­ple come to­gether to find strength in a com­mu­nity of faith. God bless you all.

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