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Catch Up

Dealer: East

Both vul­ner­a­ble NORTH



♦KJ863 ♣J10875 WEST EAST ♠985 ♠KQJ1072 ♥QJ954 ♥62 ♦Q7 ♦2 ♣Q94 ♣AK32 SOUTH ♠A43 ♥K1073



1♠ Pass 1NT* Pass 2♠ Pass

Pass 2NT** Pass 5♦

All Pass

* forc­ing

** mi­nors

Open­ing Lead: ♠5

South topped the ten with the ace, drew trump and played a club. Three club ruffs es­tab­lished dummy's fifth club as a twelfth win­ner, N-S +620. North's bal­anc­ing 2NT was take­out for the mi­nors but South's col­lec­tion war­ranted a leap to five di­a­monds. A ten card fit, the ace of spades, the king of hearts and a sin­gle­ton club mer­ited strong ac­tion. Slam es­sen­tially de­pended upon a 2-1 trump break, in ad­di­tion to a 4-3 club di­vi­sion.

South was for­tu­nate that part­ner did not dis­play wasted club val­ues such as the king­jack but in­stead re­vealed an un­likely ace of hearts.

It would ap­pear to be im­pos­si­ble to reach six di­a­monds un­less North ag­gres­sively ven­tures an Un­usual 2NT over­call (not sug­gested) at his first turn in the auc­tion. In this sce­nario, South might well choose to drive to slam, con­clud­ing that North must hold a fair hand. A spade con­tract could be held to seven tricks when South be­gins with the sin­gle­ton club to score two ruffs. North owns two en­tries to de­liver the ruffs but a one or two trick set of a spade con­tract would fur­nish in­suf­fi­cient com­pen­sa­tion for the vul­ner­a­ble mi­nor suit game. Au­thor: Dave Wil­lis - visit his web­site at­side­ Ques­tions on bridge can be sent with a stamped, self-ad­dressed en­ve­lope to The New Cana­dian Bridge c/o Torstar Syn­di­ca­tion Ser­vices, One Yonge St., Toronto, M5E 1E6. Copy­right 2018 Torstar Syn­di­ca­tion Ser­vices

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