Cape Breton Post : 2020-08-05



CLASSIFIED­S/SPORTS B6 • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 5, 2020 CAPEBRETON­POST.COM scoreboard HOOPS W L Pct GB ohiladelph­ia mY le•s 1 S R 7 .25O .R6S 2.5 R.O L.A. blippers vs callas, 7:RO p.m. oor•land vs cenver, 9 p.m. L.A. Lakers vs gous•on, 1O p.m. mY Yankees a• ohiladelph­ia, W:R5 p.m. bhi. bubs a• Kansas bi•y, 9:O5 p.m. lilwaukee Ggouser O-O) a• bhi. Whi•e rox GKeuchel 2-O), 9:1O p.m. aal•imore a• liami, 9:R5 p.m. gous•on Glcbullers ir. 1-O) a• Arizona GRay O-2), 1O:1O p.m. bolorado 7, ran erancisco 6 ran ciego 5, LA codgers S L.A. Lakers L.A. blippers racramen•o ohoenix folden r•a•e 51 S5 2W 2W 15 15 21 RW R9 5O .77R .6W2 .S2S .S1W .2R1 — 6.O 2R.O 2R.5 R5.5 NBAS Central Wednesday W L Pct GB mY le•s Goorcello O-1) a• Washing•on, 7:O5 p.m. ohiladelph­ia a• liami, ooc ran erancisco a• bolorado Gfray O-O), 9:SO p.m. LA codgers Gr•ripling 2-O) a• ran ciego GRichards O-O), 1O:1O p.m. NBA BASEBALL bhi. bubs bincinna•i lilwaukee r•. Louis oi••sburgh W 5 R 2 2 2 5 S R W .WOO .5OO .S29 .SOO .2OO — R.O R.5 R.5 6.O National Basketball Associatio­n All times Atlantic Eastern Conference Atlantic Southwest MLB W L Pct GB HOCKEY gous•on callas lemphis ran An•onio mew nrleans S2 SO R2 29 29 2S 29 R6 R7 RW .6R6 — .5WO R.5 .S71 11.O .SR9 1R.O .SRR 1R.5 Major League Baseball All times Atlantic American League East West W L Pct GB W L Pct GB Interleagu­e Tuesday soron•o aos•on ohiladelph­ia arooklyn mew York SW SS SO R1 21 1W 22 27 R5 S5 .727 .667 .597 .S7O .R1W — S.O W.5 17.O 27.O bolorado ran ciego LA codgers ran erancisco Arizona 7 7 7 5 R 2 S S 6 7 .77W .6R6 .6R6 .S55 .ROO — 1.O 1.O R.O S.5 NHL oi••sburgh a• linneso•a ohiladelph­ia a• mY Yankees, ooc r•. Louis a• ce•roi•, ooc bleveland a• bincinna•i soron•o a• A•lan•a liami a• aal•imore bhi. Whi•e rox a• lilwaukee Kansas bi•y a• bhi. bubs gous•on a• Arizona W L Pct GB All games at Kissimmee, Fla. Tuesday National Hockey League All times Atlantic Tuesday mY Yankees aal•imore soron•o sampa aay aos•on W 5 R S R 1 R S 6 7 .WW9 .625 .S29 .SOO .ROO — 2.5 S.O S.5 5.5 arooklyn vs lilwaukee callas vs racramen•o ohoenix vs L.A. blippers nrlando vs hndiana aos•on vs liami gous•on vs oor•land Central American League Tuesday elorida vs mY hslanders, a• soron•o Arizona vs mashville, a• ddmon•on bolumbus vs soron•o, a• soron•o balgary vs Winnipeg, a• ddmon•on barolina vs mY Rangers, a• soron•o linneso•a vs uancouver, a• ddmon•on W L Pct GB lilwaukee hndiana bhicago ce•roi• bleveland 5S S1 22 2O 19 1R 26 SR S6 S6 .WO6 .612 .RRW .ROR .292 — 1R.O R1.O RR.5 RS.O aos•on a• sampa aay sexas a• nakland LA Angels a• rea••le Central W L Pct GB linneso•a bhi. Whi•e rox ce•roi• bleveland Kansas bi•y W 6 5 5 R 2 S 5 6 W .WOO .6OO .5OO .S55 .27R — 2.O R.O R.5 5.5 Monday Monday Monday nakland 11, rea••le 1 bincinna•i R, bleveland 2 mY Yankees 6, ohiladelph­ia R linneso•a 5, oi••sburgh S bhi. Whi•e rox 6, lilwaukee S bhi. bubs 2, Kansas bi•y O soron•o 1O7, liami 1OR cenver 121, nklahoma bi•y 11R, ns hndiana 111, Washing•on 1OO mew nrleans 1O9, lemphis 99 ohiladelph­ia 1R2, ran An•onio 1RO L.A. Lakers 116, t•ah 1OW Monday Southeast Wednesday barolina S, mY Rangers 1 Winnipeg R, balgary 2 sampa aay R, Washing•on 2, rn uegas 5, callas R oi••sburgh R, lon•real 1 ddmon•on 6, bhicago R W L Pct GB aos•on Goerez 1-1) a• sampa aay GYarbrough O-1), 7:SO p.m. mY Yankees a• aal•imore, ooc sexas Gfibson O-1) a• nakland Glanaea O-2), 1O:1O p.m. LA Angels a• rea••le Gfonzales 1-1), 1O:SO p.m. liami nrlando Washing•on bharlo••e A•lan•a S2 R2 2S 2R 2O 25 R5 SR S2 S7 .627 .S7W .R5W .R5S .299 — 1O.O 1W.O 1W.O 22.O West W L Pct GB Wednesday nakland gous•on sexas rea••le LA Angels 6 5 R S R S S 5 7 7 .6OO .556 .R75 .R6S .ROO — .5 2.O 2.5 R.O Wednesday r•. Louis a• ce•roi• Gmova O-O), ooc ohiladelph­ia a• mY Yankees, 5:O5 p.m. liami a• aal•imore, 6:O5 p.m. ce•roi• Geulmer O-O) a• r•. Louis Ggudson O-1), ooc linneso•a Gcobnak 1-1) a• oi••sburgh GWilliams O-2), W:O5 p.m. bincinna•i Gbas•illo O-1) a• bleveland Gblevinger O-1), W:1O p.m. soron•o a• A•lan•a Gmewcomb O-O), W:1O p.m. lemphis vs t•ah, R:RO p.m. ohiladelph­ia vs Washing•on, 5 p.m. cenver vs ran An•onio, 5 p.m. nklahoma bi•y vs L.A. Lakers, 7:RO p.m. soron•o vs nrlando, 9 p.m. arooklyn vs aos•on, 1O p.m. Wednesday Western Conference Northwest mY hslanders vs elorida, a• soron•o, 1 p.m. mashville vs Arizona, a• ddmon•on, R:RO p.m. sampa aay vs aos•on, a• soron•o, 5 p.m. bolorado vs callas, a• ddmon•on, 7:RO p.m. oi••sburgh vs lon•real, a• soron•o, 9 p.m. ddmon•on vs bhicago, a• ddmon•on, 11:RO p.m. National League Tuesday W L Pct GB cenver t•ah nklahoma bi•y oor•land linneso•a SS S2 S1 RO 19 2R 25 25 RW S5 .657 .627 .621 .SS1 .297 — 2.O 2.5 1S.5 2R.5 National League East mY le•s a• Washing•on ohiladelph­ia a• liami, ooc ran erancisco a• bolorado LA codgers a• ran ciego W L Pct GB Thursday A•lan•a liami Washing•on 7 2 R S 1 S .6R6 — .667 1.O .S29 2.O mew nrleans vs racramen•o, 2:RO p.m. liami vs lilwaukee, 5 p.m. hndiana vs ohoenix, 5 p.m. Monday Pacific mY le•s 7, A•lan•a 2 SERVICES DEADLINES: Words Ads: 10 am day prior Friday 1 pm for Monday 11 am, 2 days prior Thursday 3 pm for Monday Friday 11 am for Tuesday Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm Payment methods: Visa, Mastercard yourclassi­ ad online at publicatio­n of your items under print word ads for household (first 10 words) Display Ads: $250 FREE FREE • • Business Hours: FOR YOUR MESSAGE DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE EXTRA ATTENTION MORE as low as $20 • for multiple insertions publicatio­ns • for multiple • Include a logo or picture word • type .87 per to 8.19 per ad BIGGER type from 2.73 • 3.48 per ad Borders from 1.74 to • or 10 WORDS and $0.65 for each additional word Bold TO OUR ADVERTISER­S: Please check your ad the first day it runs. If you find an error call us immediatel­y. In the event an error occurs, our responsibi­lity is limited exclusivel­y to the charge for the first publicatio­n of your ad. All forms of discrimina­tion are illegal. 255 George Street, Sydney, Nova Scotia, B1P 1J7 Mailing Address: ERRORS & OMISSIONS POLICY Paving Apartments Articles For Sale Celebratio­ns Celebratio­ns Ashby: Fully furnished room in very clean, comfortabl­e rooming house. Includes heat, lights, free laundry, Wifi, Netflix, furnished kitchen, parking. On bus route. 902-577-4999. 30 inch electric stove with solid burners, Free. 902-564-5215 Mike Kennedy Paving & Landscapin­g. Driveways. Driveway sealer. Truck & Bobcat rentals. Parking Lots. Walkways. Free Estimates. Mike 902-849-1662 or Dale 902-849-0005 Asphalt Paving, Driveways, Parking Lots, Patchwork, Seal Coating. Workmanshi­p guaranteed. Free Estimates, Blinkhorn’s Paving Co. 902-562-3536 The advertiser agrees that the publisher shall not be liable for damages arising out of errors in advertisem­ents beyond the amount paid for the space actually occupied by that portion of the advertisem­ent in which the error occurred, whether such error is due to the negligence of its servants or otherwise, and there shall be no liability for non-insertion of any advertisem­ent beyond the amount paid for such advertisem­ent. Advertiser­s should check their advertisem­ents the first day. The Publisher will not assume any liability except to the extent of the cost of the ad for the first day’s insertion. The publisher reserves the right to edit, revise, classify or reject any advertisem­ent. Happy 90th Birthday FIREWOOD Margaret Delaney Hugh MacInnis Lumber Ltd. 902-794-2611 PUBLIC NOTICE Cut, Split and 8’ Lengths Delivered. The Cape Breton Post accepts advertisem­ents in good faith. 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