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Van­cou­ver, De­cem­ber 2017 - Ja­nu­a­ry 1, with a New Ye­ar and all its pos­si­bi­li­ties has be­en an excit­ing ti­me for me from the ti­me I was very young. I lo­ve ma­king lists, and one of the lists I ma­de every ye­ar was my New Ye­ar ’s Re­so­lu­ti­ons.

Ac­cor­ding to “Ger­man­pod101”, the top 10 New Ye­ar ’s Re­so­lu­ti­ons (Neu­jahrs­vor­sät­ze), are re­ad mo­re, spend mo­re ti­me with fa­mi­ly, loo­se weight, sa­ve mo­ney, stop smo­king, learn so­me­thing new, drink less, get re­gu­lar ex­er­cise or play sports on a re­gu­lar ba­sis, eat healthy and fi­nal­ly, im­pro­ve your ti­me ma­nage­ment skills.

Me per­so­nal­ly can agree with al­most ever­y­thing on the list and am exci­ted to im­ple­ment them in 2018. I would al­so li­ke to ma­ke my ma­ga­zi­ne a full-ti­me bu­si­ness en­t­er­pri­se and am still re­se­ar­ching ways to do this.

One New Ye­ar ’s tra­di­ti­ons is the “Feu­er­zang­bow­le” (loo­se­ly trans­la­ted as fi­re-tong punch) - a tra­di­tio­nal Ger­man al­co­ho­lic drink for which a rum-soa­ked lo­af of su­gar is set on fi­re and drips in­to the mul­led wi­ne be­low. Ano­ther Ger­man tra­di­ti­on is “Bl­ei­gie­ßen” (lead pou­ring), an old prac­tice whe­re you hold a small amount of lead in a spoon over a fla­me and then pour it in­to a bowl of wa­ter. The re­sul­ting pat­tern then pre­dicts the co­m­ing ye­ar. So­me ex­am­ples are if the lead forms in­to a ball, it me­ans that lulck will roll your way. The shape of an an­chor me­ans help in need, and a ro­cket me­ans your worries will ta­ke off. The best one is a shell, as it me­ans your dreams will co­me true! Good luck.

The Van­cou­ver Al­pen Club will host their New Ye­ar ’s Eve Ga­la for 2017 on Sa­tur­day, De­cem­ber 31, at 7 pm in the Al­pen Club. The $85 ti­cket in­clu­des gour­met buf­fet, live dan­ce mu­sic, mid­ni­ght snacks and cham­pa­gne. The Bau­haus Re­stau­rant is sim­ply re­porting a fi­ve cour­se New Ye­ar ’s Eve Me­nu that in­clu­des king crab, fo­ie gras, ppar­del­le, ten­der­li­ne and straw­ber­ries with whi­te cho­co­la­te.

The Swiss Out­doors Club me­anw­hi­le is still plan­ning a “New Ye­ars Eve 2017 Fon­due Par­ty” at their ca­bin in Gal­cier Springs, Wa­shing­ton. Wha­te­ver you did, I ho­pe you all had a “Gu­ten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr 2018!

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