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DRIFT Travel magazine - - Inside This Issue - BY: LAU­REN ECKSTROM

If you love yoga and thrive in the daily rit­ual of step­ping onto your mat, you know it can be dif­fi­cult to main­tain a prac­tice while on the road. As a globe trot­ting yoga and med­i­ta­tion teacher, I un­der­stand this chal­lenge first­hand. Af­ter trav­el­ing across al­most ev­ery con­ti­nent, I’ve evolved a per­sonal ap­proach to sus­tain­ing a daily prac­tice with min­i­mal in­ter­rup­tion and max­i­mum ben­e­fit.

Travel Hack #1: Bring your prac­tice es­sen­tials with you, and make them travel size! Be­fore you go on a trip, ask your­self: If I’m go­ing to prac­tice ev­ery­day what do I ab­so­lutely need to have with me in or­der to main­tain this com­mit­ment? The an­swer to this ques­tion might be dif­fer­ent for ev­ery­one, but decide for your­self what your “must have” item or items are and com­mit to pack­ing them.

If you’re stay­ing at a ho­tel with a gym or fit­ness cen­ter, call or email ahead of your stay and see if they have mats avail­able. Ask if the ho­tel can place a mat in your room when you ar­rive. If not, pack a travel mat. While travel mats are thin, they are still worth bring­ing along. Hav­ing a mat with you is a re­minder to prac­tice daily and

a travel mat skips the has­sle of lug­ging a large, heavy mat on your back dur­ing long travel days. Travel mats fold eas­ily and take up lim­ited space in a suit­case. When you ar­rive, un­pack and set your mat out so that it’s ready for you first thing in the morn­ing. This helps set the tone and re­minds you of your com­mit­ment to a daily prac­tice. If you like prac­tic­ing with props, use ex­tra pil­lows from the ho­tel bed as bol­sters or folded tow­els from the bath­room as blocks!

Be­fore each trip I cre­ate a small sa­chet of my fa­vorite crys­tals (rose quartz and clear quartz) and es­sen­tial oil rol­lons (laven­der and frank­in­cense from Pangea Or­gan­ics). These items are small, light, and eas­ily slip into my car­ryon. They are a re­minder of the im­por­tance of my daily rit­ual no mat­ter where I am in the world.

Fi­nally, I down­load my fa­vorite playlists to my phone so I have a va­ri­ety of mu­sic to prac­tice to with sound­scapes rang­ing from chill and am­bi­ent to en­er­giz­ing and up­lift­ing. You can find my fa­vorite playlists on Spo­tify here: https://open.spo­ user/125578900

Travel Hack #2: Re­main­ing en­er­gized and healthy enough to step onto your mat each day is key. No mat­ter where I’m trav­el­ing I bring 3 es­sen­tial in­gre­di­ents to sup­port my over­all health: a nightly pre/pro­bi­otic, a daily dose of greens, and por­ta­ble healthy snacks.

A pre/pro-bi­otic helps en­sure healthy di­ges­tion. Most peo­ple have heard of pro­bi­otics but I turn to a com­bi­na­tion of pre and pro­bi­otics for com­plete di­ges­tive health. As ev­ery traveler knows, air­planes, time zone changes, and di­etary shifts can re­sult in traveler’s con­sti­pa­tion. The heav­i­ness cre­ated from slow di­ges­tion in­ter­feres with your en­ergy and can even con­trib­ute to mood swings and low­ered im­mu­nity. Tak­ing a nightly dose of pre/pro­bi­otic helps sup­port healthy di­ges­tion and keeps you feel­ing ex­cited to step onto your mat in the morn­ing. My go-to pre/pro­bi­otic is Pre­script As­sist which doesn’t have to be re­frig­er­ated and trav­els eas­ily.

De­pend­ing on where you’re trav­el­ing, you might not have ac­cess to fresh veg­gies. While noth­ing can re­place fresh leafy greens, you can sup­port your daily veg­gie in­take with an easy to mix green pow­der such as Green Vi­brance. Pour one packet or scoop of green pow­der into a reusable bot­tle, add 8 oz of fil­tered wa­ter, shake and drink first thing in the morn­ing. This daily dose of greens en­hances im­mu­nity and keeps your body healthy. Most im­por­tantly, be pre­pared with snacks! Be­fore ev­ery trip I make a quick stop at the lo­cal health food store for travel snacks that eas­ily fit into my car­ryon or purse. I pur­chase snacks not only for my travel days but also for the days I’m on the road. This en­sures that I al­ways have some­thing healthy to turn to no mat­ter where I am in the world - and it means I avoid stom­ach bugs by stay­ing away from road­side food, un­fil­tered wa­ter, or other po­ten­tial traveler pit­falls. My go-to snacks in­clude dried, unsweet­ened and un­sul­fured mango for fiber, raw al­monds for good fat and en­ergy, Justin’s al­mond but­ter pack­ets for pro­tein, and En­dan­gered Species Fair Trade dark cho­co­late for some­thing sweet (a must!).

Travel Hack #3: Keep a jour­nal. Prac­tic­ing while trav­el­ing is a unique ex­pe­ri­ence. Many of the most pro­found and mean­ing­ful break­throughs in my yoga prac­tice have oc­curred while I was prac­tic­ing abroad. You might be ex­posed to a new en­vi­ron­ment - the sounds of na­ture, the chal­lenge of a dif­fer­ent at­mos­phere or tem­per­a­ture. As you tune into your body’s daily needs, your prac­tice evolves from an or­ganic place and what you dis­cover very well might sur­prise you. Keep­ing a jour­nal of your daily ex­pe­ri­ences is a won­der­ful way to re en­force the grat­i­tude you have for your prac­tice, the in­sights that sur­face along the way, and the spe­cial mem­o­ries cre­ated in dis­tant places through your prac­tice.

If you pre­fer to be guided by a teacher, jump onto the ho­tel wifi and stream classes to your smart­phone, lap­top or tablet with my on­line plat­form for yoga and med­i­ta­tion, In­ner Di­men­sion Me­dia, in­nerdi­men­sion­ This is a great way to share yoga with ev­ery­one you are trav­el­ing with and a great way to stay ac­tive, con­nected and feel­ing healthy your en­tire trip.

En­joy your trav­els and share with us how you main­tain your prac­tice while on the road!

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