Bud­gets can be for fi­nanc­ing growth

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Re. “UCP can­di­dates sign pledge to scrap car­bon tax and balance bud­get if party forms gov­ern­ment,” Sept. 19

Three UCP can­di­dates ac­tu­ally signed a pledge to balance the pro­vin­cial bud­get within one year of be­ing in of­fice? On the sur­face, that may sound like good news, but is it?

I be­lieve gov­ern­ment bud­gets, just like church bud­gets, are there for the pur­pose of car­ry­ing out their man­date, not to have pleas­ant-look­ing num­bers on a piece of pa­per.

I can re­mem­ber our pas­tor giv­ing our church the thumbs up for go­ing ahead with huge changes and new build­ing plans, while the rest of us won­dered how we would ever pay for all this. A few short years later, we had to bud­get for big­ger things be­cause our church was grow­ing so quickly.

Our pas­tor’s the­ory was, “If a church isn’t in debt … if we want a bal­anced bud­get, we’re not do­ing what we should be do­ing.”

Gov­ern­ments are sim­i­lar; if we re­ally be­lieve in pro­vin­cial growth, we won’t hes­i­tate to go into debt. Of course, just like a church coun­cil, wise de­ci­sions about go­ing into debt are needed. Wise MLAs will see the po­ten­tial in this.

G.A. Teske, Sher­wood Park


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